Discover the Heart of Europe 2014, part 7

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ninth and Tenth Day, in Neunkirchen, Germany

 Sunday December 21st

The next two days would be spent doing some community engagement in Neunkirchen. On Sunday we went to, if I'm not mistaken, a community that lived in government housing with a substantial immigrant population. On Monday we went into the town central and worked the afternoon at a food bank. 

Our first task of the day was a morning seminar on Germany and their community engagement. After that we got out supplies ready and took a bus ride to the town. We were to help put on a small Christmas market for the families. That day was so much fun, but so cold in the evening. I initially signed up for marshmallow roasting at the bonfire but I was really all over the place. You know me, If I see something not getting done my brain forces me to butt in. But so I chose a place for the face painting to take place, and got some people to help set that up. Then I moved on to the craft tables and helped set that up. Then a while after being there, I moved onto the hot dog stand to give a hand. A little later the kids got a visit from German Santa, AKA Saint Nick. When it got dark out I made my way to the marshmallows and had a good time putting them on the skewers and seeing the kids really having a treat.

Monday December 22nd

Today we made our way to the downtown of Neunkirchen. We actually made our way thru public transport! We took the train there and on the way back we took the train, and then the public bus. We were met by our host at the train station and he walked us towards the city. We visited their shopping mall and their "Tk Maxx". We then went on to see their non-profit headquarters, that I believe manages the food-bank. We then walked up a gruesome upwards slope towards the food-bank, only to have a quick look and come BACK DOWN to eat lunch. We had Turkish food for lunch :) and made our way back up to help prepare the food that would be distributed out. We really quickly picked out the bad from the good and organized it so it'd be easier to pass out. What they do, is that all the grocery stores in the perimeter give all the unneeded food to the bank and it is quality and there is a good selection. I was passing out some lettuce and cabbage heads, along with radishes and other vegetables. It really was a great experiences, especially interacting with the people and having that language barrier was so interesting. 

I don't want to make another post, but my overall Europe experience was wonderful! It wasn't vacation, it was a study abroad and I feel that it's something that you just have to take advantage of and just do it! I may come back to these posts and edit, but for now they're done. Miss Germany, miss Europe, miss the people, but I'm sure I'll be back!

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