Discover the Heart of Europe 2014, part 3

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fourth day, Day Two In Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday December 16th

This morning we had a nice breakfast at the hotel we stayed and an early arrival to the European Commission, where we'd have two seminars. The first was on the E. Commission's role in the E.U. and the second was on TTIP, which is a trade agreement between the US and the E.U. Something that I love about all these seminars we have, are the 15 minute coffee and tea breaks we have. We also had them back at the academy the first couple days. I'm sure everyone got more than used to having coffee three time a day along with some delicious European biscuits. Both seminars were enjoyable and informative and I think everyone was much more alert this time around. (Although it was quite a long day) Also, maybe it's the academic culture in Europe but everywhere we had seminars they let us know they would be giving our leaders their presentations on drives. Maybe because I haven't attended many of these things, but I was surprised everywhere we went they let us know that (and they stuck to their word).

Photo Credit: Dr. Noah McLaughlin
Photo Credit: Dr. Noah McLaughlin

After our visit to the commission, we had lunch at the Canteen of Parlamentarium. To be honest I wasn't 100% sure what it was, but it's the visitors center of the Parliament. They give you a different and fun perspective of the government. But again, we only had lunch there. All I know is that it was quite a walk from the commission. :P

Photo Credit: Dr. Noah McLaughlin

After that we had a short visit to the United States Mission to the European Union. It was heavily guarded and monitored so that's all I have to say about that. . . .. .

After THAT, we took a short bus ride to Institut Superieur de Tradecteurs et Intepretes (ITSI). It's an Institute where they graduate interpreters and translators. I really enjoyed this seminar because as someone who is bilingual and learning a third language, this angle has always interested me. Well, it's much harder than it looks! In terms of having a career and how many of their students knowing three or four languages fluently, get jobs. . . Anyways we talked about how language works in Europe and in hindsight, it was really enjoyable. No pictures of the place. But one thing I want to say is that after this, or maybe before, while we were on the bus it was sunset and the bus did a turn on this like point (where we were at a high point) that overlooked Brussels. It was SO SO beautiful our time was short but I was just in awe. I wish I could know the name!

We got back to our hotel around 6pm and had the night to ourselves! We went to the Grand Place again, and watched a beautiful light show on their buildings. I had dinner with some girlfriends and went to a bar after. Where I had the most delicious two drinks ;). Also had a terrible experience getting back to the hotel, we got lost and some things along the way, it was horrible! But a funny thing is that that night we ate Turkish food as opposed to traditional Belgian food, and other times in Germany we also ate kabobs and pitas. But hey! It was all delicious.
This is probably the worst picture in human history but its as close as I got to the overlook

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