Brother and Sister

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I didn't post yesterday because for the last few days we have been "inclement weather"ed in and there hasn't been too much going on. Today, my siblings and I finally got a breath of fresh air and went out for dinner. US Cafe has literally existed since 200BC, but I went twice this weekend with Y & K, and I'm like obsessed with their turkey burgers so I took them today. So today I remind myself how grateful I am for this particular pair of siblings. 

I'm the oldest at 20, my sister E is next at 16, and the baby brother J at 14. When we were younger E & J were the pair, I was going through my preteen-teen stages and they were still kids. I had my own room and they did their thing in the other. Now, that were older I've shared a room with my sister for the last few years. My brother is the third wheel now, my sister and I share more in common now that she's a little older. My brother is a freshman in high school and he is going through this annnnnoyyying stage. Rude, impatient, anger issues, HOPE HE GETS OUT OF IT SOON. But anyways, I have always felt like my siblings are the most important people to me. No matter what, I always have their back and I just want them to be happy and successful. Every time I go out with my girl friends I always think about my sister and how she would love to be here. I just hate for them to miss out on the things and trips I do, but I know they are younger and their time will come. 

We usually aren't in public at the same time, but if you get us together (more at home) and everyone's in a good mood we are too funny and just crack up. I want to say everyone definitely has their own personality. It also sometimes amazes me how smart and knowledgeable they both are. Both of them are just so talented, my sister is an artist and my brother is a walking fun fact book. They really just are amazing, which most likely means I am just as amazing. :)

peep my turkey burger
If I could spoil them I would

hella spicy wings

While at the cafe I decided to show them Heads Up, since we always play it at Legacy and it's so much fun. AND YES I BOUGHT 4 OR 5 DECKS. Thanks a lot Ellen. If you're listening, make a Spanish deck so I can play with my parents!!

 quick grocery stop

& a couple more rounds at home

Anyways like any brother sister relationship it's hard to deal sometimes, but we've made pacts to never get into real fights especially when we're super grown. I couldn't deal with going without speaking for years or whatever old salty crusty people do!

love y'all.

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