Wednesday, February 25, 2015

For whatever reason I mentally shut down after I got home from dinner and completely forgot about my post. If I was famous, I would've made a formal apology for letting my fans down. Aha. 

Anyways! After class hier, I joined a couple friends at my fave sushi spot, Kuroshio. I started coming to the Kennesaw location in 2012 when my Youth Minister, D, introduced Y & I. So why am I grateful for a restaurant? Other than the fact that im pretty sure I have shelled out at least 2K on them and the food is bomb, I have had so many memories there. I really feel every single one of my friends have been their multiple times. All types of people close to me. Kuroshio has changed lives. Kuroshio is iconic. I really feel like I cannot stress enough how intertwined this place is to my life. (I know like most of the waiters :/ :P) I honestly just feel like when I take you to Kuroshio or we go there, it's like I'm inviting you home or we're up there on our friendship to share Kuroshio vibes with you. I've had farewell dinners there, dates, catch ups, after class wind downs, before class wind ups, meetings, sister sister time, after church dinners, just everything goes down there. When were indecisive about where to eat, we always ask why we're even asking if we know where were gonna go.

I'm just grateful that there's like a hangout place that I can be intimate and comfortable in. I think for me this represents the presence of so many people that are special to me or have just come in and out of my life. I'm just grateful for them and my experiences over the years.
I'm sure everyone goes there and I'm acting like I own it, but I really do feel like its special to me. And who doesn't love sushi??? Now I'm just gonna torture with my badly filtered new and old instagram pics. :* 

***also have I mentioned that the original was in Kennesaw (by my university) and in the last 1.5 year or so, if I'm not mistaken, is a location THREE minutes away from my house. AND I get a 15% student discount at both. Sooo pretty much it's destiny.
(Thx D) 

this post counts as 2-23 & 2-24 bc itll mess up the dates if i do two.


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