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Friday, September 04, 2015


Some pictures from my week before I hit y'all with the good stuff (sorry if you're on IG, it's practically my feed)


If you know me well, you probably know I'm not the biggest fan of TV shows or movies. For whatever reason they just don't hold my attention for too long, even if I feel I really want to watch. The only time I can stay interested is if someone else is watching and I'm just there.

I've left behind my wife related reality tv (ex: Mob Wives, Real Housewives, Basketball Wives) and moved on to Indian soaps. I'm sure we've all heard something here or there about them. Both the good and the bad. I'm going to highlight a point or two within both aspects. I will begin with the bad to end nicely. Let's begin on how I even got into them. In the afternoons we'll spend a nice amount of time in grandma's room. . . . . . actually, need I say more?

Sometimes the volume isn't even on but I'm still crane-ing my neck to get a good look and guess what the heck is going on. I thought the longing of wanting to speak any one language off the Indian subcontinent was gonna subside after I left the IRC. WRONG. Lord, please insert the gift of knowledge into me and allow me to understand Hindi. I'm tired of having to interrupt and say "wait, so why did the dance leader of the co-ed dance troupe confront the teacher of the all girl dance troupe?" Or something super juicy is going on (like the sister swallowing the engagement ring because she doesn't want her younger sister to marry the guy because she wants him for herself and then her mother begins to half choke her until her NOT-to-be father in law hits her in the back to make her spit it out) but at the moment you can't even ask because you'd be interrupting. Anyways. . . my point is it'd be nice to know what's going on. 

I heard about the colorism that existed within Indian media. Colorism meaning the discrimination and prejudice against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. I heard that most of the Indian actors and those on the screen were most likely light skinned. So when the soaps were on TV (and when are they not honestly?) I made it a point to check out everyone to see if this was true. Conclusion: every actress and actor wears MAC concealer Nude Beige 25 (not for purchase bc I made it up). BUT WAIT, I actually saw someone who could pull of Mocha 360, he played the role of the "terrorist organization leader." Now I'm only making a narrow observation of Indian media from the three or four soap operas I have been exposed to, I trust bollywood (or whoever) is making an effort to have a more diverse casting. 

Another thing related to colorism that I've seen on the same soap channel are creams. Skin lightening cream commercials, like "Fair and Lovely." We obviously also have that in the states, but I don't think they are adverstised as much or at least not under the same guise. I'm sure in the US they are sold as "even" skin tone creams. I know all of this exists, but it makes me sad seeing a daily reminder and thinking of all the little girls who hate their skin and think they would be prettier if they we're lighter. I mean, fair and lovely?? Fuck off. Also, I'm sure these creams are made by the same big companies that advertise those "pull on your heart strings" commercials about acceptance and embracement of female body over in the U.S. Anyways, another post for another day.

What I'm sure you've heard about Indian soaps is ALL THE DRAMA.  I mean they are dramas, so we can't blame them. Yes, who doesn't love some good drama??? Y'all have to get on this channel: sit, observe, and absorb. 

Here's how it goes according to some reddit users:

DUDE my grandma watches this. Some of the stuff i've seen.. woah.
Anyway so basic plot line for almost all of these "Dramas" as my grammy likes to call them. Household (giant one at that) full of family and happiness yada yada yada. Usually some daughters that need to be married, someone gets married, more happiness.
One person is usually unhappy with everyone else's happiness and strives to destroy the marriage/thing that makes everyone so happy. This person is usually a young woman who has an older dhadhima (grandma) who is just as evil and together they plot to ruin the family and/or create strife.
Eventually people start fighting and strife is created and the pair of unhappy devils is satisfied as the family begins to break apart internally.
The plot gets unpredictable (in a predictable way) The evil people are found out, kicked out, and everyone cries/forgives one another/happiness restored. And the next season it happens all over again with new characters, new plots (same plots), and more happiness/unhappiness.
Also, they always overdo the SHWOO SHWOO effect.
[–]imgoingtokeepitreal 133 points  
As someone who grew up in an Indian house hold I can comfirm this....oh and don't forget about the part where someone dies and then 2 weeks later it is revealed that they are still alive...but lost their memory and is now evil.
[–]SirGrover 57 points  
And has went under some sort of facial surgery because the actor , who was previously portraying the said character , wanted more money.
[–]imgoingtokeepitreal 7 points  
basically, I think the fight scenes might actually be a little higher quality then WWF/WWE but its pretty close haha

What is the Shwoo Shwoo effect??

exhibit A:

exhibit B "me when I enter the room":

Honestly, they're all such a good time. Some of it is a bit silly. Like this one undercover police girl is following a group of bad guys, literally 15 feet behind in an open field, hiding behind the single tree, wearing a bright blue, blinged out sari. I mean??

anyways here's the worst (and only available) picture of the most beautiful creature, Shekhar from Diya Aur Baati Hum (ignore the equally as beautiful woman next to him):

if you think he looks cute now, with his half smile, you should see him with his smolder. ............. ugh. I am sad he's a bad guy but I just found this out: 

"Shekhar will not be negative as he is fighting for the rights of the poor and unprivileged people, feeling injustice done to them by the government. . . . Gear up for some more drama and action after Shekhar’s entry. Keep reading."

Oh, I'm gonna keep reading. See if I spoke Hindi, I wouldn't have to find out from a spoiler website he has good intentions. 

Hope to have an Oman related post soon. Miss you all in Atlanta.

PS: Mexicans are no better

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