One Month in Oman

Thursday, September 10, 2015

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's palace

giant incense burner (WHICH BTW IS THE COVER PHOTO ;))

Just a quick post to say I have officially been here a whole month! Three weeks sounded like nothing, but now a month sounds like forever! So much has happened in one month, I am so thankful for the relationships that have been built with all the members of my host family. I honestly cannot imagine being with any other family. Host mom and I had a good feeling about each other ;)

I won't lie, I haven't really gotten homesick yet. I cried (for like 3 seconds) once at breakfast when I was remembering my mom. I also had a little episode last night LOL but it wasn't really missing home more than it was just wanting to lay in MY bed and do my own thing. Not sure if that makes sense, I just wanted "normal" for a few minutes. I am so thankful I feel at home here because I could not imagine it any other way. Like I can literally go down stairs and steal all their snacks and I don't care because I'm like child #2 LOL. JK.

OH MY GOSH A MONTH. A MONTHHH. That is literally half the time I just spent having summer vacation. If I leave on the date my ticket is booked for, I have already spent 1/5 of my time.

I haven't been on my social media like I was before, but I am hoping Snapchat has a Muscat story soon. Or maybe I missed it, but I feel my friends would have let me know?

This weekend one of my besties is celebrating her 21st with her bestie and the rest of my besties are going to be there and I am so sad I am missing out, but I wish both of them the happiest birthday weekend (say besties 5 times until it doesn't sound like a word anymore). Which brings me to the most important fact in this post, my birthday is less than a month away, what??? I'm going to be 21, how crazy is that. That's like def real adulthood, maybe still young adulthood, but I am 100% not the teen I still think I am. I'm kind of grossed out by 21 to be honest, I want to be 19 and beautiful. or 18??? I can't believe I thought 18 was old, this reminds me of when I had a 1/5 life crisis at 16. Wow, I had no idea. Anyways, I need to accomplish some things before time passes me by. TWENTY ONE, TWENTY ONE?! I HAVE BEEN ON THIS EARTH FOR ALMOST TWENTY ONE YEARS. UGH, I'M GOING TO BLINK AND BEFORE I KNOW IT I WILL BE 40 AND ALREADY IN NEED OF A FACELIFT.  I will probably vomit on my 21st, and it definitely won't be from any alcohol. T-Minus 25 days till legitimate adulthood. There are no more legal bars to pass, except president at 35 (why do I remember this president age thing being drilled into our heads in grade school). I honestly don't know how I will deal with aging in the future. I really thought I was going to be calm, cool, and collected old lady, but nope. I already let go of myself at 17 I can't even imagine 30 LOL. Like I'm not supposed to be doing something, instead I'm blogging and would probably be eating Nacho Cheese Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew right now if I had them. I understand you are only as old as you make yourself be, but I'm sure I can't get away with somethings when people know you're 21. Ugh I hate expectations. This round face can only help me so far (aka I still look 16 :D).

For my next Oman related post, I am hoping to do a post on their currency. So when you come visit, you don't break your head like I've been doing. See, I'm watching out for y'all.

freaking out,

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