Paris & Milan

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My post completed deleted so had to re do :( quickly pasted what I had in a draft, will proof read later. I have no idea where the original went or how it deleted??

I have a half written post from A WEEK AGO I'M going to share below:

Pre-Europe blogging below

We are headed to the airport to hop on a plane to Europe! I don't think I've actually processed it, because it has been such a whirlwind getting to this point. I know I will feel it once we are actually at the airport.

We are hitting two spots, Paris & Milan. How chic right? We will be in Paris for about six days and in Milan for nine days. I also don't think I have wrapped my head around how long that is, it's half a month! Maybe it isn't that long but I am taking it day by day, so yes I think it's long. Another thing is I'm so unnecessarily stressed out, I can't get over the flight portion so I hope all goes smoothly.

The reason we are going to Milan is because my host parents are representing Oman at the Expo Milano 2015. They will host a culinary session in the evenings showcasing Omani dishes. I checked out the Expo website, and I was so excited to see that Mexico was going to hold a special event in name of their National Day (Sept. 16th). But then I remembered we won't be there until next week. Oh well, you win some you lose some. 

So the primary reason is business, but what is business without pleasure? Well I guess just business, but since we will already be in Europe, why not make a pit stop? HP decided on France and apart from staying in the heart of Paris for a few days, we will spend a few days at Disneyland Paris.

I don't even know if this is classified, but you're getting it here first folks.

Just so you guys know, I get traumatized every few hours when traveling. Right now, this internet speed is traumatizing me. I can't load a simple song, let alone upload some pictures. I was traumatized because I have been trying to blog since day 1. But I run out of internet patience to upload pictures and I hate to blog without pictures. Seriously, this internet is so slow. I can pay 9 Euros for high speed I heard. This is so unethical. I'm putting on a "Mellow Nights" Spotify playlist so I don't lose it halfway.

Now, for some real travel traumas. So I am dying because I feel I should have collected something from every country I've been to & I feel it is too late. Not really, but you know. So when I was in high school I decided I was going to do earrings and I had three pairs from three countries, but now I don't know where they are and I haven't continued that. Yesterday in Milan I picked up a mug. And since I loveeeee mugs, I decided that is what I'm going to pick up from every country/city. So now I need to like go back to Paris. . . .. . and Cordoba. . . . and Frankfurt. . . . and Brussels. . and Luxembourg. . . and Strasbourg. .. . . and Managua. . . Ugh it burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get one in Abu Dhabi because I've fake been there (connection flight) and I'll get a Muscat one later on. Anyways, that's been weighing heavy on my heart. I just imagine my own place with cute mugs everywhere.

God help me, I'm about to 9 Euro it.

Anyways, shot out to my host parents' love and generosity. <3

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