The toenail chronicles

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Warning: Gross

It must be fate that I lose an (entire) toenail every few years in a foreign country. In 2011, I went to Nicaragua for a mission trip to help in building more infrastructure in a small community. We had a day off and went to the beach. We had some lunch and hopped into the water. That day the waves were out of control. So at one point, the waves come in so hard that it takes us (friends and myself) tumbling under the waves for probably only a few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. I remembering thinking, I'm either going to drown or get pulled into the ocean. After it settled and we all popped out, some were out of breath, another's top hand come off, and myself, well i hit a rock and lost a toenail. Wiped it off clean.

Last night, I was running up the stairs and calculated my step a bit too low and stubbed my toe on the step. I winced, and kept going up when I looked down to see blood pooling at the top and what I thought was bruising. So I start breathing hard and I'm like what do I do? So I run down and tell my host family's housemaid (which BTW need to make a blog post about how saying "maid" makes me uncomfortable) and she says do this do that. So I go up and do whatever, then I go cry to my host grandparents and host grandma is like do you need to be taken to the hospital and the fire alarm goes off in my head and I'm like NO NOONNNNO NOONN OO NNOOO NON. 

So it's in a little bandage now and although my nail is still stuck on my toe. Well, not stuck, but where it's supposed to be. I think it's half loose because if I push the top, the bed of my nail moves and a girl just knows, you feel me?

I was telling host mom how I am thinking that I want a .com domain name. But honestly, it's not like this blog really serves any bigger purpose than personal experience. But it would be cool. I also have a problem with continuously changing my username. AKA the meangrrrls part. I am suprised I have left it this long. This blog has gone through many different names. For whatever reason I decided meangrrrls was to be my identity/brand whatever. 

I want to blog about lots of things, but then life happens and you have like 30 minutes to whip a post about how you stubbed your toe one evening. 

if you want to see some beautiful pictures of Oman, that do not belong to me, click

update 10/13: I took a wrong step, hit it, and it came off clean. Just as I was leaving the house. blood.

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