Coconut Oil

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Want to start off by saying I thought I reached Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence (2014) levels back in 2014. . . nope I'm still treading towards the climax.

So coconut oil was not that big of a deal until like the last two or three years or so. Black girls have beeen knowing the secret and the rest of us are kind of just catching on. Indian girls too, I think, but anyways by "us" I just mean mainstream. (which I hear kinda sucks because prices are rising but what's new).

Now, as the image above suggests, coconut oil is one versatile product. So what I think would be obvious is that you want, not just good quality coconut oil, but organic, refined, etc etc. Make sure it's 100% pure and read the labels as best you can. I have La Tourangelle that I got at World Market on sale (yay me, also for cooking the reviewers said it doesn't have strong taste or smell). Like I said you have to watch out because my sister had one that was "specifically for hair" but the ingredients were just shady. Instead of coconut oil it said "brand names coconut oil recipe" or something along those lines. 

So the shelf I got it off of was the cooking oils so you can use it as a replacement for your normal cooking oil. 

But I can't cook so I'm gonna share it for those ~hoe~ tips i scavenged for on the internet!! some seems to good to be true, but maybe thats why coconut oil is all the rage. . . and if not if it's all natural than there's no problem :) 

  • you can make your own body or lip scrub by combining coconut oil and brown sugar (maybe a little vanilla?)!
  • you can put coconut oil on your lashes and eyebrows to help them be more full and grow healthier
  • you can rub coconut oil on your cuticles to make your nails grow faster
  • if you have darkness between your thighs use coconut oil daily
  • shave your legs and armpits with coconut oil (I use babyoil which I swear by, but will try this)
  • great massage oil for your head
  • use it for your scalp and hair as a mask for beautiful moisturized hair (helps with dandruff)
  • as a moisturizer for your face ***hear it can clog pores so it's up to you (how often or at all)
  • has anti-fungal ingredients (I'm totally gonna try that on some bumps that just showed up on my skin almost sure I have Keratosis Pilaris?? so I'm hoping this will make a change lol)
  • it has really good health properties when used for cooking (lower cholesterol, higher immune system, acid reflux, stomach ulcers)
  • mositurzier for skin (prevent stretch marks during pregnancy)
  • helps allergies by applying a bit into your nostrils with a qtip (& keep germs out like on airplanes)
  • swish in your mouth and on teeth for whiter smile and stronger teeth
  • as a replacement for Neosporin, helps repair abrasion and fights infection

real ass hoe tips I found:

  • don't use it as a lubricant because it will deteriorate a condom (i don't know where someone would get that idea)
  • someone would add just a little teeny bit on their 🐱 to enhance natural lubrication
  • give your vagina a facial (??) by adding oil to your fingers and massaging each time you finish using the bathroom, leaving skin soft and subtle (I am a bit skeptical)
  • you can use coconut oil to treat yeast infection!! (it's high in three properties: antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal) instructions below: 
1. Coconut Oil In Diet

Incorporate 3 – 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily into your diet. Initially, start with a smaller dosage and increase gradually. See the following suggestions on how to do this.
Substitute coconut oil for butter on toast.
Add a teaspoon to coffee or stir some in oatmeal.
Consume a teaspoon of coconut oil before each meal.
Substitute coconut oil for other cooking oils as coconut oil does not break down into unhealthy trans fats when cooked in high temperatures.
Add traditional fermented food to your diet for added relief.

2. Coconut Oil Application

Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly. Use a hair dryer if the area is sensitive.
Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the affected area.
Repeat 2 – 3 times daily until yeast infection is gone.

3. Coconut Oil Douche
Mix 3 – 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 quarts of warm distilled water.
Douche with the solution.
Repeat daily until yeast infection is gone.
Alternately use a tampon dipped in coconut oil in place of the douche.

After reading this I want to lather myself in a tub of coconut oil. LOL. Anyways, hope these tips will work out for someone :) I hope to see results in my inner thighs, cuticles, lashes, and hair. I am wondering if coconut seals moisture? I would want to use it on the skin around my toes. . ..  TMI? lol

thanks for reading

This is some stuff I found online, the ones that seem a bit shady (lol) I would double check online. For example, they thought they could use it as lubricant but don't because of the deterioration of the condom or to moisturize face but actually clogs pores. 

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