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Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm gonna start off by saying my sister thinks that the iced chai latte from Starbucks taste like pho?? maybe it's the spices. I don't know, but I don't taste it. (Yes, it is hard having to interact with the uncultured 😉)

So this month Starbucks was having a special where you could make any purchase (any amount any merchandise or product) and become an automatic gold level rewards member for a year. I drank soo much Starbucks in 2012 and 2013 so I am salty that I never became a member and reached the Gold status I DESERVED!!! So heck yeah I was going to take advantage of this offer. I'm gonna list the perks below 😜:

  1. Automatic Gold (Apr. 12-May 2): Get Gold status automatically when making a purchase at Starbucks and start earning Rewards.
  2. Double-Star Days (New!): Keep an eye out for new monthly Double-Star Days, where Gold members will earn four Stars for every $1 spent on eligible purchases when paying with a registered Starbucks Card or the Starbucks app at a participating location.
  3. Bonus Stars: A way for members to earn Stars faster either through purchase of a featured item, or by participating in a Star Dash Challenge.
  4. Free Refills: Did you know that any Starbucks Rewards member can take advantage of free in-store refills of brewed coffee or tea – both hot and iced? Extra tip: refill your cup with coffee or tea, even if your first drink was a latte or anything else.
  5. Free Birthday Reward: All Starbucks Rewards members get a free food or drink item to celebrate their birthday.
  6. No Time? No Line: Using the Mobile Order & Pay feature on the Starbucks app, members can order their food or beverage items before arriving at the store, then pick-up without waiting in line.
  7. Reward = Anything on the Menu**: Choose a free drink or food item from the Starbucks menu when collecting your Reward.
  8. Collect Stars in the Grocery Aisle: Members can earn Stars through purchasing specially-marked Starbucks products. 
  9. Spotify Exclusives: A member-only feature of the Starbucks app to instantly identify music playing overhead at Starbucks and add them to your Spotify playlist, taking it with you when you go.
  10. Coming Soon – Stars outside Starbucks:  Soon members will be able to earn Stars outside of Starbucks through strategic partnerships with Spotify, Lyft and the Starbucks Rewards™ prepaid card from JPMorgan Chase.
Anyways! I did it and I thought to myself how does this make someone buy more than they usually would, since obviously you have to transfer your money to that card etc etc. The point is I had my doubts on the benefits, not for the customers but for the company. How do they benefit from this?? Well girl, let me tell you. I feel like I have been at Starbucks more in the last month than I have since the beginning of the year. LOL.

For example, today I clicked on my app to "check it out" 😅😬😳. I was with my sister at Kroger that has a Starbucks so the thought had crossed my mind but when I saw that today was the monthly "Double-Star Day" I just had to take advantage.. . . I only had about $4 on the card and my sister likes those expensive drinks so I scavenged my purse for a few extra dollars to add to my card (of which my sister contributed $2) and made my purchase..... I shouldn't have but I mean it was Double-Star Day!!  Did I have a choice?? lol. I'm kidding. But the struggle is real. I also wanted to take advantage of the free refills (only brewed coffee and tea) but I know damn well that I only get lattes and I can't even drink coffee because that much caffeine gives my weak body panic attacks. 

Also, like it happened earlier at Kroger, let's say you only have $2 on your card, you think hmm 😯  si nada mas me acompleto con unos dos dolarsitos mas I can get a drink (If I just find $2 more dollars I have enough for a drink) then you make ur purchase. & on that same purchase you have $1 left. . . .and then you do what you just did the following time and it creates this vicious cycle LOL. And they'll notify you that your balance is below $10, and if you have some money on your card it doesn't feel like you're really using your money because you can't use it for anything else. 

Anyways, the Starbucks gold rewards team already knows this (as do all other brands with rewards options) but I'm just letting y'all know so you don't fall like me. 

In conclusion: 
1. Starbucks and rewards member cards are toxic.
2. I am currently accepting Starbucks e-gift cards. (the "you're a peach"style with a minimum of $50 😙)

😘  melissa

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