Zuhair Murad 🙋🏽💖

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I just have to because it's been on my mind and it's soooo beautiful 😪😍

I'm not into fashion, don't really follow it, don't know what's going on, but one designer that caught my eye and I'm obsessed with is Zuhair Murad. (obsessed so much I want to cry)

He is a Lebanese designer who studied and started in Paris in the 90's. I am oblivious to fashion, but he's definitely up there with everyones staple designer favorites 🙌🏾 . A lot of celebrities and high profile characters have worn his designs and rocked them. 😲😲😫😫😫

From Cheryl Cole to Beyonce, Christina Aguilera to Miley Cyrus. I will post my favorite celebrity ZM looks along with my favorite Fall 16 & Spring 17 Bridal Collection. The initial purpose was just bridal, but what I found was too good to not showcase. Mr. Murad if you're reading this, save me a dress from like this season and save it till 2020 and gift it to me 😮.

I'm gonna start with less dramatic

Kristen Stewart and Marion Cotillard. I'm not gonna lie, Kristen's dress isn't 100% convincing me. I am in love with Marion's though!! I put these together because they look like they were both dresses from the same season. (& with a little research these were both events in 2012 #confirmed). These are more casual red carpet looks. I am just in love with Marion's skirt. . . .. no no literally the entire ensemble. 

Shakira's dress is something a little different that I wouldn't usually be into, but the color is so elegant, luxurious, and sexy. She kind of reminds me of a butterfly. . . maybe the X-men butterfly girl? Her name was Angel? anyone? Te amo Shaki!! 

J. Lo!! I so remember this dress. There is are tears, yes tears on the brim of my eyes on how beautiful this is. Yes, I had seen this dress before but it was just a dress then. Now I am really appreciating the work, design, detail, J. Lo's hot bod, the mothafreaking cape, the color, ugh!! 😲💖

Li Bingbing!! IS STUNNING IN THIS. wah. I just had to get a shot of the backside for this gown. I am in love with the color . . .. (more tears), the beading!! ZM also has a lot of that . . . omg I don't even know what to call it, but the extra fabric that extends off the sides of the hips? A lot of that design on his wedding dresses for this season. This in ivory would have been like my wedding gown yesterday. 

I saw this photo after I finished this segment of the blog but I had to come back and add Sofia. . . . she owns this dress. As if it were made just for her.. .  gives me mermaid vibes. I feel like it's simple? (Don't forget I don't know fashion) but Sofia makes the dress. ..  can't say more but 😻.

I've been obsessed with Priyanka Chopra lately too so this is like obsessed x2. Not that I am a ZM expert (lmao wait 1 week and I will be), but this style dress (lace, nude, belt, tail/whatever you call it) is what I associate as his staple? & it doesn't help that Priyanka just kills it.

When I was looking up ZM looks I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THAT PRINCESS (EX PRINCESS?) Ameera al Taweel was wearing ZM for Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding. I was so obsessed with her look. I wonder if he designed her hat too? I just thought it was so beautiful and appropriate. I'm the least fan of bows on any clothes, but on this dress I was like 😏😏😏😏. Oh and Prince Al Waleed? WHAT'RE THOSEEEEEEEEEEEE (theyre probably like 5k shoes) (& get off your damn phone, do you see who's next to you 😫). But if you're reading this, I'm just kidding your highness. . . . . shall I send you my routing and account number? Let me know thank you. 

Oh and just because she's such an icon in my life. I'm gonna give her an appreciation picture.. . someone let me in on her hair care routine.

What I love is that if I saw these dresses beforehand I remembered them! This means that his designs stand out and are memorable!!

Now on to bridal beauty!! For reference b&w is Fall '16 and color is Spring '17. I chose gowns that had a ballgown silhouette. Even if I was skinny I would have like no curves below the waist, so I need the dress to give me a body lol!! I also love that most have these like dramatic veils which I AM ALL ABOUT. I love all his floral embroidery. I follow the official IG and they've posted custom designed wedding gowns and. ..   OMG. I will try to find them and post them at the end. SO. MUCH. DRAMA. MY NAME IS MELISSA DRAMA ORTEGA HELLOO???

BTW these gowns are probably in the range from 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. .. .............. I'm like poor??? 🎶 I walk a lonely road🎶 (you can click to enlarge/slideshow of all photos)

My "if-i-had-to-pick-one" favorites are the larger pictures of both collections (hard decision). There are also different gowns with varying silhouettes, necklines, waistlines, but I can't post them all right? You can Google them 😉

Now for some real life brides on @zuhairmuradofficial (which BTW going on his IG during the making of this post was a mistake, but I was strong and did not post anymore).

The last one is so gorgeous !!!!

sorry I don't do him justice (ok but that greek goddess dress?!?!)

thanks, Melissa *goes to bed and cries 😱*
**PS please less white/fair skinned models 😘
All of the clients I posted apart from Cotillard and Stewart were women of color, so it'd be nice to have the people who wear the designs reflected on ads and the runway.

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