Al Loomie Tasting 🍋

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned previously, I am doing a summer internship for my host parents. If you follow regularly, actually not even, you probably know that my host dad is a chef. Sometime last year in November I wrote a post on my host dad's week at the Shangri La here in Oman as a guest chef at one of their five star restaurants. Before that in September, I was in Milan for my host dad's appearance as a chef for the Etihad Pavillion. They have also had a lot of success as both a home based catering company and as prominent wedding cake creators.

Point is, this is really just the beginning of my host parent's journey into the culinary world. It's been a long, winding road, but things are quickly coming together for the opening of their new restaurant, Al Loomie! 🎉

It's an amazing feeling to have been able to be there last year when the ball really started rolling. Now, being back and actually being physically a part of the process to their dreams is three levels above that.

And I am in the process in two different ways. . . . writing (eh) and tasting (yay). For last few I have been tasting while they have been perfecting the recipes and menu. This week, we had a test run so they could get more familiarized with the pace of things and perfect their timing for prep, cooking, plating, and serving. And guess who was one of the guest guinea pigs. C'est moi. 🐝

Al Loomie is Omani fine dining with set five or seven course menus.  For our tasting we were served a five course meal that was perfect for seafood lovers.

Signature Prawns

Silqah Soup

Goat Cheese Profiteroles

Chef Salim's Baploo Risotto

Symphony of Luqaimat

Overall it was such a wonderful experience. As I mentioned before, it's so surreal being part of these critical steps. Surreal and delicious. They agree that they have some things to improve, as there will always be, but they are already up there and it's so exciting. I'm not a professional food critic (note I said professional 😜) so won't grandstand and waste your time. In the meantime, enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed the food. 😊

Thanks Al Loomie 😉

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