Happy Birthday🎂🎉

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Today is the birthday of one of my best friends (mother, sister, all of the above),

💖 Amal al Khabori 💖

I have known her for just a little over a year and our bond is really amazing. I remember when it was just her birthday and I cannot believe it has been a whole year since then. So much has happened in such a long/short time. 


you are such an amazing person. & I am so grateful for having the privilege of meeting you. Not only that, but the privilege of becoming so close to you and for you taking me in like one of your own. From day one you have gone above and beyond for me. I know that has less to do with me and more to do with your person and generosity. You have taught me a lot. . . and I have been stuck on this part for give minutes because there are no words to say how much I love you. There is even a little tear in my eye. We have had such good times from our late night hot goss 411, tears and hugs, good laughs, and even just sitting and watching TV. Anytime we are together it is a good time. To think we don't even live in the same hemisphere. And even when I left back to Atlanta the first time we would talk regularly and didn't lose communication. You've been a big influence in my life and as much as a newly aged "adult" doesn't want to listen to advice, I know yours isn't so bad so I have to pay attention 😜. You are one of my favorite people in this world, and that is saying a lot cause you know I like everyone. 😂  Just kidding. Thank you so so so so soososoos much for everything you have done for me. There aren't any words to express, and what ever I have typed out is a mediocre effort. 

Love you,

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