Top 3 Favorite Instagram Feeds

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My persona isn't about the aesthetic, but my "eye candy" radar is all about it. For the last couple months I've been following some ladies with a good eye and skills. I love having these cozy, colorful, cute, and clever posts on my feed throughout the day. Here's my top three, along with a sample of their posts. If you're interested in checking out their complete feed or following them, you can do so by clicking the photo of their profile to be re-directed. Enjoy.

I think I followed Hina when I was in Oman the last time. I live vicariously through her feed 😩. Wish I had this talent. Her photos are so simple and elegant, not to mention look so yummy. She also posts photos of her travels, as well as come cute candids of herself.


She popped up on my popular page and I'm so glad she did!! I love all her ideas, puns, and how she brings everything to life. I think she is most popular for her #PantonePosts where she chooses 6 pantone colors and pairs them with either a full recipe or different fruits, vegetables, and foods.


This is the cutest feed ever. I think they live on the Olympic Peninsula and are always hiking and in nature all while foraging for food that she then uses in her (usually vegan) recipes. There are also many photos of her cute baby girl and their dog. They're definitely the showstoppers. 

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