Muscat Apartment Inspo

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Like jobs and new developments, I like to look for places in Muscat. Obviously I won't be there anytime soon. So I just like to see what the market looks like these days. I take into consideration my realities and what I could ever possibly afford/would want to spend. I haven't decided if I rather do far out/more space or in town/less space for same price type deal. Isn't that the classic dilemma when deciding where to live? 

For all the places I've seen (hundreds, just make me a real estate agent) I have like a number one complaint. Everyone for WHATEVER reason, either chooses the most outrageous and obnoxious tiles, wall colors, cabinet finishes, or if you're lucky all three. I understand if you own the apartment, did it yourself, and decided to rent it out, but for companies that plan on leasing the entire building I just don't understand the logic. Maybe it's what's in style in Muscat, I just don't get it. This really gives you a hard time trying to visualize any type of decor. Or if there is anyway to salvage it in case the layout/price/location is unbeatable. I want to link pictures of the kitchen and bathroom finishes but I don't know if I want that on my blog (and I also don't wanna get sued lol jk, is that possible). 

I do think I am really into small spaces, what am I to do with so much? I probably couldn't even afford the furniture for it LOL. So I think small space in more popular area will be the winner. I lived across two grocery stores during my summer there and were a total lifesaver for last minute purchases.

Top must haves:
* Natural Lighting
* Neutral Finishing

Would like:
* Small Balcony
* 1 Bathroom & 1 Toilet (at least)

these are all via pinterest, where you can see my entire apartment inspo board 😉

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