HuesBox- January (Monthly Subscription Box)

Monday, January 30, 2017

In December I was doing research to subscribe to a monthly beauty box. I was looking into ipsy, birchbox, and boxycharm, but I couldn't come to a decision. Coincidentally, a couple days later on Instagram I saw a new subscription by the name of HuesBox. It really caught my attention because it was created by Black women and caters specifically to POC (men and women). I had a bit of an internal debate, because on the one hand I wanted to support a small business, a dream, and go for a box that truly has the subscriber in mind. On the other, I wanted brand name or full sized products. My heart leaned towards HuesBox though. They aim to "crowdsource tips, tricks, and FAQs from communities of color around the world to create a public discourse on what matters to us."

It's literally brand spanking new and it's first official box was January. I was in Mexico when I purchased my six month subscription. The monthly box is $12, but I went for the $60 for six months. They aim to follow a certain monthly theme and January's was rejuventation; renewing and resettling your mind, body, spirit, and space. 

This is what the packaging looks like, they have the logo outside the box too.

Here are the five products as they were packaged. I actually got them from the mail as I was leaving to work so I was being very impatient until I got home.

The first was a full tummy massage oil. It used exactly what it sounds like, for when you are full or bloated. And who doesn't love oils? What I love about this, is that I know it is small business, they list the ingredients, and I can trust that most are natural and don't carry unnecessary chemicals.

Next was a hydrating mask from Malie, which is a Korean brand (the kind that make you look like Friday the 13th Jason). I think you can find them actually quite cheap on Amazon. I just used it about half an hour ago, it was well soaked, created and I did notice the difference in my skin.

There was also a small "Simply Fresh" (rosemary blend) soap from Skin Candy, what's awesome is that they're from Villa Rica, GA. My first thought was that it was a bit too small, but it is a sample after all. I'm not sure if I ordered Lush soaps before or after the box, but after a while I thought it's the same concept, natural soaps. I looked at their website and they have full size Lush-like soaps. So I think I will invest in one of their soaps and compare with Lush.

There was a Butters by Jay cucumber sugar scrub. At first I was like "eh," not because I don't love sugar scrubs (and cucumber is my favorite for skin cleansing products) but because it felt like one of those products that I could make at home. I would say the reality is that I wouldn't even get to making one, but my mom had actually made one and had it when this arrived so it made it less exciting. But, there's nothing wrong with some variety, the extra ingredients are exciting, and can you have enough natural beauty products? I haven't used it, but I am looking forward to it.

And last was a smudge stick, which is a sage/herb stick used in some Native American ceremonies to get rid of negative energy. You can burn it, and I thought it was waste quickly but it barely burns (just smokes). So you have most of the stick after a use, and I'm sure it will last a while. I am thinking a bit more of it right now, and I am feeling a bit guilty of not just using it in a joking manner, but using it at all when it is for sacred ceremonies. To be quite honest, when I saw it in the box it was exciting, but something about it didn't feel quite right. I didn't know until now it is for sacred practices, and what adds to the burn is the source. It is not listed, and it would be different if it was from a Native American seller/vendor. Don't know, what do you guys think?

I can't wait for February, I love wellness but I am also hoping that they add more beauty/makeup products.

So yes, this was HuesBox for January. If you're interested here is their website and February subscriptions open up the first. I think I will post the next five on my blog too!

Melissa 🐝

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