WJSN: a blog intro and why i love

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I've talked so much about my male favorites but not my girl favorites!

My number one girl group is WJSN (wujusonyeo). A thirteen member Korean-Chinese group under Starship Entertainment (also Monsta X) and YueHua Entertainment who debuted in February of 2016.

I think the very first thing that drew me to them, apart from the wonderful members, is their concept as a whole. WJSN (Korean to English) meaning is similar to cosmic or space girls.
In English they are referred to as Cosmic Girls.

Like how cute that they are cosmic girls from Starship Entertainment. They have an astrology concept connected to them too and a sort of horoscope for each member. Their music videos so far have had a range of heavy to light space themes.

second WJSN comeback: Secret. Probably most intl. fans favorite song!

Their fandom name is ujung- meaning friendship in Korean and can also be short for space station 😩💦.

Their logo is a heart with a ring:

and has been tweaked to match each album:
Would You Like?, The Secret, From. WJSN, Happy Moment
I joined their first fan club opening (second call) so I am an official ujung 😭🌙 (which unfortunately is an arm and a leg for international shipping, more than the price of the box itself)

this was their fan club box
Do you see the small character peeking out of the "glass" on the box? Their name is UZZU and they're like their official mascot and when they release videos of them at different events, or what have you, it's as if "they" video taped them.
ugh my heart, HE IS SO STINKIN CUTE. OMG his helmet is their logo!! and he's wearing a space suit. . . I just noticed this.

They also just released their cheering light stick and have adequately named it ujujungbong! along with their official colors. They weren't as pink or pastel as I expected, but I've really come to enjoy it and feel it matches them nicely.

It is so so pretty when lit up! It looks like a small galaxy and the rings move!

I know you can't see the members clearly enough to distinguish between them, but I had to share these gorgeous shots!

Cheng Xiao







Mei Qi






this is a cute sing along/skit video with some wonderful aesthetics 

this is their latest title track, Happy, which is also sung above, dance practice by the river version

my favorite b side track: miracle, same producer as Secret (e.one)

They also had their own full length variety show and I loved the direction the producers took it, it really showed WJSN's brand. 
look at their logo!! i just. . . CUTE

and the contrast within the missions

some red carpet looks:

I'll leave you with their flawless mannequin challenge! I am so so excited for their upcoming comeback, Dream Your Dream (post coming soon), and I hope they can gather more and more fans and be succesful! 

Moral of the story: I want to live in a WJSN wonderland 😩 if they don't get their own themepark by 2022 we're going to have a problem.

WJSN fighting!
- Melissa
(click photos for credit, unless they are obviously provided by Starship Ent.)

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