WJSN (Cosmic Girls): Upcoming Release

Friday, February 16, 2018

(blog content updated as all comeback material is released)
Finally, after a long eight month wait, WJSN is having a comeback! (read my previous/into post on them here).
teaser from this comeback
I can't wait for new songs, performances, interviews, shows, all of it. Although Happy Moment, their latest and first full length album, is one of my favorites, I haven't found their past discography so memorable. 
I am absolutely loving this mini album's concept. They're going for a sort of wizardry school/Harry Potter theme. I am hoping for groovy pop song, but I have a little feeling it might be more of a ballad or slow song. I'm pumped regardless. Here is their first teaser video:
KPOP come backs usually follow a set schedule-

So far we've had the written-in-greek teasers and the dream unit teasers. It is currently 5AM on my side so their 'TEASER I' should be coming out in about two hours.
I don't want to post every single photo. . . but I can't help myself. One criticism though. I find it so strange that they don't photograph well in groups/units, but when they are solo photos they look amazing! Maybe I just look to closely 😅.

Greek-ish teasers:

Dream Unit teasers (MY FAVE!):



Xuan Yi




Mei Qi


Cheng Xiao

It seems that their mini album will have five songs total. All but one of the producers working on the album seem to have quite a few hit songs under their sleeves and have worked with reputable artists. I am really really excited e.one, who has produced my two favorite WJSN songs, Secret and Miracle, has worked on this album. The past songs are so good I am hoping the new one has the same sound.

The producers who worked on their title track have also worked for Weki Meki's latest album. It has not been released but I heard their album preview and track three and five were by them, if this is the sound that WJSN's dream your dream will have I will not mind! Honestly, I can't imagine their song or music video because it can really go many ways. Like these second teaser photos and their wizardry school photos are SO different you'd think that they were two whole different concepts.

I will be updating this post as more and more information is released.
WJSN fighting!🌙

below are Teaser I, II, and III. It seems they chose one girl from each unit for each teaser and each had The Nutcracker "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" background music? hm . . . . what's the connection here?
Today the "Secret Film" will be released. Woohoooo!

The secret film was released this morning and honestly. . . it was a masterpiece! Like I said before, I want to live in a wjsn wonderland. So Bona is narrating a story about dreaming the impossible and making it true. In the shot you can see from the thumbnail, there are only 12 members and Cheng Xiao is missing. Since they are in a wizardry school I am guessing they are using magic to bring Cheng Xiao either back or to life? I'm not sure. In the individual unit teasers (that are way below this post) they only used Bona, Cheng Xiao and Yeoreum. So I am guessing they are the main characters of this story, but the secret film doesn't dive into Yeoreum's role. I am really excited to see more and still after all this time I can't think of what the actual title track will sound like, it could totally be a curve ball. Anyways, the film is so so beautiful the colors everything, my favorite shots are of the chandelier and jewels. I am happy that Starship and Yuehua Ent are putting in that $$ and thought into this comeback.

OH!! They also released the album details. There will be three copies (my money and body are ready!!) and they each match their official colors. 

apart from the CD and booklet, it will come with a poster, photo card/s, and a bookmark!
music video teaser!!
What I was especially waiting for- the album preview!!

ALL the songs sound so good!! From the wizardry school teasers and the music video preview, I was not expecting that sound, but I'm really excited! Song no. 3 is by e.one and as I said before that's my favorite WJSN style song, I hope they always have a e.one b track. Apart from the title track and track 3, track 4 also seems to be favorite. It also gave me a bit of gfriend vibes, but I'm sure after listening to the whole thing WJSN can make it their own! I'm really so excited for this album. Great track list and I really feel like this style is WJSN's sound/brand.

Another fun thing is, today is Feb 25th- WJSN's 2nd anniversary. Some rich ujungs bought a couple billboards to project WJSN's teaser images and videos on TIMES SQUARE!! It was so beautiful. Unfortunately- there doesn't seem to be any good photos or footage :(. Anyways- I hope the girls saw it!!

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