KPOP Talk (February Comebacks)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

So far, there are only a few comebacks that are relevant to me personally.

Red Velvet: Bad Boy
This is the title track for their repackaged album (peek-a-boo is the original title). At first listen I was a little skeptical since I felt that the beat was so tired. My sister said no one else, at least girl group, is making that sound so I was just complaining for no reason.
I've always thought that RV looks different from other groups in the sense that each girl looks so luxurious, they just have elegant vibes. I think you'll like their new single if you're into more Western music (and even if you're not).

Gugudan: Boots
I was actually really looking forward to this comeback. I checked out chococo not too long ago and although the video initially caught me off guard, I dig it. It's just an innocent fun song! I haven't listened to their past past tracks.
Boots this time around was more mature with a Puss In Boots concept. I heard Gugudan's concept is actually trying out different sounds and concepts? not sure how accurate that is. But I really liked this funky song and the choreography. Especially the "moon" part.

Seventeen: Thanks
Don't have much to say but this song is really good as is the video. It makes me feel some type of way (sad?). Do the boys ever rest??

NCT U: Boss
(the reason I decided to make this post then expanded it to all comebacks)
NCT.. . . NCT. . . . so if you don't know, NCT is the very first KPOP group I really listened to and actually the reason I'm here like this today lol. Limitless is one of my all time favorite songs, along with 7th Sense, their second mini album (NCT127) is one of the best I've heard. I watched all the seasons of NCT Life etc etc. But even though I enjoy Cherry Bomb, it didn't do much for me. This year they laid out all the members for NCT 2018 (its a rotating group) with the most beautifully done videos ever. They officially introduced three new members and brought back two existing members back into the spotlight since they had taken breaks from activities for the last year or two.

This song is by "NCT U" originally compromised of- Taeyong, Mark, Jaehyun, Doyoung and Ten. This comeback NCT U is made up of Taeyong, Mark, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Winwin, Lucas (new), and Jungwoo (new).

AH. This song was just not very memorable to me. I felt the transitions from the verse to the chorus were so sudden and it just didn't flow. I really like the chorus and the accompanying choreography. I didn't know Lucas was a rapper and his voice caught me off guard. Both him and Jungwoo seem really talented so I'm excited to see what charms they can contribute to the group. And of course, without a doubt, everyone looked good. (edit: just came from a still camera shot performance of this song, i like it better than before, honestly the chorus and dance break is so so good i just wish everything else flowed better. but the boys KILLED IT. theyre so good.)
Other than the fact that I just didn't feel the song, I am so tired of the same four members having the overwhelming majority of lines and screen time. There are EIGHTEEN NCT MEMBERS FOR GODS SAKE. Winwin has . .. . probably not even a line- a word? and like five seconds of screen time. Why even put him in this unit if he will do nothing? Honestly it's so frustrating and I tell myself the entertainment companies should know what they're doing right? #JusticeForWinwin.
Anyways- they are probably going to have a lot of title tracks and I am here hoping that the same four people will not be in the other units or at least they can let other members shine THERE'S EIGHTEEN OF THEM. THEYRE SM ENTERTAINMENT I AM SURE EVERYONE IS MORE THAN CAPABLE. YUTA I LOVE YOU. TAEIL I LOVE YOU. JOHNNY I LOVE YOU. TEN I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU NCT DREAM.

Ya'll I actually want to cry, but I am just not crazy about NCT. Here's hoping for the next release.

I didn't even know she was having a comeback but I think I've discovered that BoA's style is right up my alley.

Weki Meki: La La La
This is their second comeback and I think this is what I Don't Like Your Girlfriend should have been?
One thing I noticed immediately is that they really push Doyeon, Yoojung, and one girl who seems to be a/the main vocal and has really big eyes (I mean I get it?). I want to see the other members, but when they do have their lines the screen time tends to focus on group shots or at least include a couple other girls. When it's the aforementioned three girls its usually a solo focus. Overall I like it and I'm happy they kept a similar sound to their debut song, I feel like it gives us a clear idea of Weki Meki's style/brand.

honorable mention:
I.M (Monsta X): Fly With Me
baby boy released a song off his mixtape (?) that he teased about a year ago!! Time flies TBH. He only released it on Soundcloud which is a let down since I only use Spotify for the everyday and it's such an easy and mellow listen? The only "disappointment" was that it was too short and I wanted just one more, just one more verse. One the other hand, I was actually really impressed with the video and I felt it really embodied I.M's style. I can't wait for more- please release more!

I will update this with CLC and SF9's upcoming comebacks, and WJSN (own post) coming soon!

CLC: Black Dress
I. have. just. come. back. from seeing this video... yall... I don't hype up stuff unless I truly find it... that good. As soon as the song began the beat went hard . . and as the beat was going to drop I was praying to the gods that it would maintain the hype and IT DID. Going back to Weki Meki's IDLYG that "boy" at the beat drop and the subsequent intro was so disappointing. I was expecting something like that and it did not happen. This song is so good. I'm not pulling this out of thin air, these were like immediate thoughts- The girls' expressions and visuals is what, and I'm sorry for saying this, Weki Meki seemed to be going for in La La La but I just couldn't find it believable. I don't want to outright compare them to Weki Meki without acknowelding that there is a two year plus debut difference and experience. Also, La La La is a funner, lighter song while Black Dress is more fierce and serious. Maybe I shouldn't be comparing them at all but they have a similar sound and again, these were my immediate thoughts.
Black Dress choreography (dance break), outfits (those pant suits!!), the rap!! THE FUCKING POLE DANCING. I am so into this. Honestly the only other CLC song I've heard heard is Hobgoblin. Seriously though, I am so so in love with everything about this. This might be my favorite comeback so far?

SF9: Mamma Mia
I was really dying throughout the teasers because of Dawon's hair. . . he has dreads. When will companies get the memo?? ITS ALWAYS A BAD MOVE. But I am moving forward.
I really love SF9 and this song was so fun and catchy. I love that they're always changing up their concept and sound.  My sister also really liked the song and we watched the video like five times. Zuho's rap was really nice, as was Taeyang's dancing. Seriously, all of it was good but I found those two aspects the most memorable. Zuho and Jaeyoon looked so so good in hockey outfits!! I was going to make a post on the KPOP mullet and Youngbin was going to be one of my victims. JK because I really actually like the mullets! BUT Youngbin's was obviously fake?? His hair stops and then he has like his extensions at the bottom and the difference is too stark to not notice lol. Hwiyoung looked really good- please tell me I'm not the only one who is reminded of Amber (Fx) and Jonghyun (SHinee, RIP). Chani was CUTE but he had what? one line. Rowoon also just has that face and look that fit a black cap SO WELL. I know this sounds like a insignificant detail but he looks that good, and if I'm not mistaken- he always begins the song? Inseong was so so funny and charming in this video. I was rewatching an older series (Special Food 9) and when he was cooking his European Cold Noodles I saw a side of him that I must've missed in SF9 Trip With Fantasy.
Overall- really good comeback! Their comeback showcase comes on in fifteen minutes so off I go!

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