Monsta X Popularity in Korea and The Connect PC Pulls!

Monday, April 02, 2018

Hi everyone! My albums arrived from OKDGG today! They left Korea Friday and got here Monday before noon, what a wonderful time to be alive.
Before I show you my photo cards, some thoughts.

So last week Monsta X had an interview with Sports Chosun and Wonho, Kihyun, and Hyungwon spoke a little about their domestic popularity. They acknowledged that their Korean, as opposed to their international, recognition was weak. You know, the members expressed their hopes and confidence in slowly building up the public's "acceptance."

I think it must be a bit awkward or strange to be in Monsta X's position. Because they do have that certain level of popularity (mostly supported by intl. fans), that they are able to sell high numbers of physical albums (#8 overall in 2017), chart in intl music charts (#1s on itunes, Billboard World Albums, Japan Oricon chart), big social media following (#7 in boy group overall), and are invited to the majority of the award shows (performances included). Yet, as previously mentioned, the general Korean public don't pay them much mind or acknowledge them as a powerful group (thus digital score is weak too, also due to a smaller amount of Kfans). They only won their first music show win last November with The Code.

Comeback Stage

Sugar Man2

Weekly Idol

Amigo TV

I guess we all ask ourselves what they're "not" doing. They said that if they knew the reason for it, they would have already done it in advance. I ask myself- multiple comebacks a year, quality stages/choreography/music for said comebacks, exposure in majority of end of the year shows, for this comeback- exposure on multiple major/public friendly variety shows, members on variety shows, etc. They're still not getting optimal results, what do they have left to do?? I know some people ~hate~ Starship Entertainment, but I seriously feel like they are investing and doing what they can to launch MX to the public. I mean the only immediate reason I can think of is because their music goes a little hard??
Blegh, don't know. But I am confident they will accomplish the goals they have set for themselves, even if it takes a little time.

SOO my albums. Get ready for low quality pics LOL. (they actually came out worse then expected)
Sorry for the burry photos! Too lazy to retake, can you spot my duplicate photo cards?
As I stated before, I preordered them from their official shop, there are four versions that are sort of a puzzle piece and I didn't expect posters but I guess it *is* to be expected. The preorder came with those little EMF protection stickers with the MX logos for this era.

Version I.

Version II

Version III

Version IV


And I will leave this with all of their JEALOUSY performances so far (minus Music Bank)! I will sleep soon to wake up at 5:30AM for their performance on MTV THE SHOW-

(I think Inkigayo is my favorite)

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