Monsta X Comeback: The Connect: Dejavu

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I am writing this two days after it's release! This will be a super scattered/point blank post since I can't get gather my thoughts.
table of contents lol:
- music video opinion
- track opinions
- Jealousy/The Connect Stats
- Monsta X schedule
compilation of their teaser schedule here

Before the M/V came out my heart was beating so fast! It was to be released 6PM KST so 5AM EST. WJSN was scheduled for a live Mwave Meet and Greet at 4AM EST so I watched that before the M/V release (and tapped hearts for MX Vlive comeback show). 5AM came and ah~~~~~

I really really love the title track. The rest of the album has some great songs, but like I.M said, as soon as he heard this song he knew it was it. It's catchy and sexy! About the M/V itself, I wasn't the biggest fan. I wasn't disappointed because I know they worked hard and thoughtfully into "The Connect: D" music film. The title track M/V concentrated more on their choreography which I actually loved. The only thing that made me feel ~eh~ was the main choreography set, it looked a bit. . . rookie? or low budget. UGH I hate feeling like an anti but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I also felt the shots were too rushed and messy. 

On the topic of the music video, it was uploaded on both the Starship and 1thek accounts. We were able to reach 1million views in 12hrs but since then the views have gone extremely extremely slow. It's honestly baffling? Starship channel just went past 1.5 million views in almost two days and the 1thek channel is still at or under 300K. The views froze a ridiculous amount of times, but even with that set back the views should still be higher? It was really disappointing yesterday, but it's okay we just have to keep streaming.  


NOW let's chat about the tracks 💿
1. Jealousy: the chorus can't be beat honestly. The choreography is suave and those denim pants with loose white dress shirts? sign me up. One thing is it sort of felt like it lacked a bridge or build up after the second chorus. I'm really not that good at judging music and I tend to miss a lot of things since I listen to the big picture as opposed to carefully and intently. But even through that "one thing" it's still an amazing title track. They said it would have an 80's feel and boy does it have one! The 80's is one of my favorite music era/genre so it's honestly right up my alley. (There's a portion of the choreo towards the end where their arms go around their heads. I saw a fancam and NO ONE does it like I.M he goes IN, it so SEXY).

2. Destroyer: we first heard this song in their music film and maybe because it's meant to be a DRAMARAMA continuation, but it feels so Monsta X-y, I love the powerful emotion it gives off. Kihyun as a main vocalist DOES NOT disappoint. I saw a poll from 100 idols and Kihyun was ranked in the top 6? Not sure, but up there so I was pleasantly surprised that he was recognized by others. I want Destroyer to play in the background of my action packed adventure. So I SLICK take that DRAMARAMA reference back, because although it does not sound like SHINE FOREVER it has the same hopeful sound. Like you could put Destroyer over the SHINE FOREVER m/v. 

3. Fallin': Okay the beginning sounds just like Arab women's celebration chant. I can just hear it "lawlawlawlawlaw." This song seems to transcend so many genres, like it goes through a pop melody to techno. When Jooheon? goes "nah nah nah nah nah" it gives me Big Bang vibes (probably a specific song since I know 3 of their songs lol). Like I just want to get drunk and get down to this song tbqh. 

4. Crazy In Love: The beginning is like classic rnb? So far, this song I would list last in the favorite rank. Maybe because it's slower? I learned that for me my ultimate Monsta X preference are songs that go hard (OMG I JUST HIT THE BUILD UP WHERE KIHYUN SINGS WOW BEAUTIFUL, but yes) songs like OI, Calm Down, X, Dejavu, Spotlight, Trespass, Bam! Bam! Bam! (WOW SHOWNU'S HEYAA IM SOFT UWU) I just like harder songs (OMG SHOWNU'S LET ME LOVE YOUR EYES WOW THIS IS SO GOOD FUCK). Okay. . .  I hit some more of Shownu's notes and my man owned this song. I can't even rank it last now?? BUT WHERE CAN I PUT IT. Wow. 

5. Lost in a Dream: I find this track so magical 💫  and not in the classical sense but Monsta X magic. I see myself being filmed from the front as I slowly move thick green forest shrubs out my way to find the answers to my life's secret. When Jooheon and I.M rap to build up to Kihyun's high notes? BITCH. He sang it live during the comeback vlive I almost went into cardiac arrest then and there. All hail our vocal king. 

6. If Only: BOI. For one, Wonho composed this song. I was so happy to see that it had the same ~vibes~ (but not the same!!) as From Zero (his other song), I felt like this gives an idea of his style. They're just feel good songs. Like I said previously, I like songs that go hard but this song seriously makes me want to cry (and will make me cry if I listen intently enough). I love love this song. It fills me up with so much: 🍄🌿☀️🌈🍰🍭🎡🎀💘. At the last minute mark when the beat goes low and it seems the song is over and the last verse hits. . . it reminds me that Monsta X loves me.

7. Special: composed by Jooheon, was my immediate favorite song. On my life, I thought I.M's initial verse said "Oh shit, I like it when she Google me," but apparently he says I like it when she groove on me. I really wish he said the first one because BOI I was like DAMN YES DADDY I'LL GOOGLE YOU. But I do think he is too modest to hit us with that line lol. Don't quote me, but I believe Jooheon made this song before debut?? If yes, WOW. I want to bump this shit in the car go off. I love that -MONSTA- is in the chorus. 

I played each song as I wrote, so the lesson here was that I was really about to sleep on Crazy In Love??

(random note, I started getting on Twitter religiously and now Instagram -my previous social media of choice- is boring to me lol)

So some quick stats from the last two days!
- physical album sales: 36,406 (broke MX record for daily album sale)
- #1 on itunes in 28 countries, (currently #6 on U.S itunes album, and #1 (the connect) and #9 (the code) on KPOP album chart, Jealousy and Destroyer are #1 and #3 respectively for top itunes KPOP songs) was #1 WW for the first time!

(I purchased The Connect immediately, but not The Code until I saw that it was also charting LOL. Then I "gifted" my bff The Connect too).

here is a compilation of their charting on Korean music sites:
The boys have been quite busy filming and will be busy from now on!
First Week-
(filmed for DingoMovie & AmigoTV earlier)
1theK Run To You filming in Sinchon
sbs power fm youngstreet live (8PM)
weekly idol (show)(6PM)
mnet countdown
gourmet road (show)
music bank
music core
sugarman 2 (show)(10:40)

In the scope of the next coming months:
Jealousy promotions
Japanese Piece promotions
Filming for MX X-Ray 3
World Tour
- pretty much their year is planned out. I couldn't tell you if knowing everything you are doing for the year well well well in advance is better than not knowing at all. I guess for idols it's better to know then have your career in limbo.

mx for 1thek:

EDIT- debut stage
 AH, I want nothing but success for Monsta X!! 💖 thank you for the hard work 

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