Being Raised Outside the All-American Experience

Monday, February 12, 2024

A quick anecdote on the post title - 

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, and like every other year I opted out of watching the game (Usher's half time show wasn't enough to reel me in). I spent the evening with my brother and as we were driving back home from an empty Target, I told him how I was well into my 20s when I made the connection that the SpongeBob Bubble Bowl episode was about the Super Bowl. And it's not even a reference or inspired by - they are LITERALLY playing at a Super Bowl game (ugly looking fish and all). And as it turns out, he, who I consider pretty apt at these kinds of things, came to the same realization at that moment at his 24 years of age, LOL.  Another victim of being raised outside of the all American experience. He did make a small connection of it, but considered it an art imitates life matter - rather than well . . . . . just SpongeBob performing at the half time show.

"Sweet Victory" by Band Geeks 😉 From arguably one of the best SpongeBob episodes to exist. 

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