Cocktail Spotlight: Bramble

Thursday, February 15, 2024

There must be a post out there where I express my love for the month of February. It even beats out OCTOBER (birthday month, PSL season, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, quintessential fall weather, and again my BIRTHDAY). A 28 day month with hues of pink and red, chocolate, candy, love, friendship, cool weather, and the lingering excitement of the new year is just so for me. 

(okay I have made a great argument for October and I almost want to have second thoughts but I know where it's at)

So yesterday was Valentine's Day 2024 (more on that holiday to come), and my friends and I went out to The Third Door, a bar on Marietta Square. I LOVE THAT PLACE - craft cocktails, great bartenders (dare I say MIXOLOGISTS), and a menu with unique signature cocktails that are rotated out monthly. We lived there last summer but our average per person bill was probably 50-60 dollars for just drinks and mind you, we probably hit multiple spots a day and this was the day's night cap, so not very sustainable. We decided to tone it down this year but of course we've been there twice this month already, lol. BUT yesterday was totally a holiday so we get a pass (yesterday's damage for the curious -  $70/4 drinks + tip). 

First drink was one of their house cocktails, Wake Up Call. I can't decide if it's Espresso Martini's younger or older brother?

  • Vodka, Tuesday's Coldbrew Coffee, Oat/Vanilla, Chicory, Cream Sherry

Second and third drink were Tom Collins. 

  • Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar, and Carbonated Water

I originally asked for a Vodka Collins, but our bartender, who we get along with well, shamed me into getting the OG. I have never liked gin. I am not a fan of brown liquors, but I can, you know, give a little sippy sip. But with gin I am not tasting your drink or even giving it a whiff. So I did my best to give him an idea of what I don't like about your quintessential gin flavors and I did a bad job but he did a great job picking one out! I think I have been mistaken that all gin must be that Bombay Sapphire/London Dry taste. 

For my fourth drink - ugh I did the "surprise me" and cringe as it may it gave me a new favorite drink!! It gave me the feeling that no other drink has been able to match since the Moscow Mule circa 2017. 

Her name is Bramble: gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a lemon garnish (blackberry garnish if it's in season). And the best part? poured over crushed ice (this one is for the girlies). 

It's everything I want in a drink on a night out with friends. Dusty below has the right idea: Tart + Sweet + Bitter = 🤤 she'll definitely be trending in my summer books. 

Also fun fact, it has the same creator as the Espresso Martini, Dick Bradsell. You can read more by clicking on this link on the BRAMBLE (and see Dusty's comment).

Third Door made it with Four Peel Gin. Definitely recommend it if you're gin-curious :-)

Here's to expanding our horizons! Cheers! 

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