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Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Afternoon it is currently 6:25 PM.

& I'm listening to 'I Will Posses your Heart' by Death Cab for Cutie.
I hadn't listened to that song in a good while but last night Isaac and I were looking up videos and I totally remembered them. I first discovered them on summer vacation in Mexico like in 08. :P But it's like once your hooked it becomes like this obsession that creeps on you and attacks. . 

But i'm having one of those really empty days when i feel so. . .so. . useless -_-.
[I'm gonna grab a Gatorade(Never mind -___-)]
I just love how those faces --> -__- are so appropriate for this moment. So be prepared to see a lot of them. Google Chrome just corrected me because A LOT is 2 words not one. -__-

Now i'm listening to 'A White Demon Love Song' by the Killers. Listening to it at night makes me teary. (: 

Mission Accomplished. *smirks*
But anyways my mom made lentils. . . lol. I remember the first time i tasted it that i remember tasting them(?) It was in 7/8th  grade and we were studying the Middle East and we had a 'Bazaar' i made a lentil type pasta dish. . .it was actually pretty good. I want to say it was from Egypt but then that'd totally be African. But i feel like Egypt isn't really African and more (in my head) associated with the Middle East. . .??. . . Wow this Gatorade is amazing. 

So when i was talking to Isaac last night i told him about my recent 'discovery'. That i'm very bipolar. Not like personality (well maybe) but like with choices maybe i'm indecisive also. I always change my mind and i mean i noticed it but didn't think it was all the time but it is! ! !. Gahh. But Isaac said he had noticed. of courseeeeee. WELL THAN! 

But what the real point of this post it (After 5 million intro paragraphs) is like i said i feel useless and and and I know that of course i'm not exactly useless and i'm kind of busy most of the time (of course maybe not now because it's summer but YES) but it's like I need a hobby or something or someone to be or  something, and its just not that EASY. there was another post about this same topic but it's like where i described that i had found peace inside myself but now it's gone and i'm still anxious, antsy, jumpy, jittery, fidgety. AND yes i just went to thesaurus.com to look at synonyms that express how i feel! when will this all be over??? and if you're still wondering what my problem is. It's that I feel like I need to be defined. :/ &%)_&##))*!@(#_. 

Now what? . . . . :
WE will eat your young :|
my milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard
get me onee (or both) now!
my dreamm! :D
title of blog!

velvety goodness!
much lovee, Melissa O.

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