Small Party Idea

Friday, June 17, 2011

Apparently Google doesn't understand the concept of "small party ideas"

:P So yesterday. . . I think it was yesterday. . or the day i watched Because of Winn Dixie. <3 that movie!

and after she makes all her friends blah blah she makes a "party" at Gloria Dump's house. In her backyard it's full of lights they hand made and awesomely decorated and then it rained :(

But the point is that I wanna throw a small party! Something cute with like my closets friends! I think it'd be so much fun! and i was thinking what could I do. So now i'm brainstorming. I really really wanna do this! i'd think it'd be adorable and we'd have cake, and cookies, and cupcakes, and candy and and food, and drinks, and lights, and and stuff :D.
I'm excited but i'd have to see when who and how :P. 
I love pictures cause I think they add pizzazz so now i'm going to fill it with pictures of ideas :D

haha! fun-filled party! ! right right?? Pizzazz! I thought the gingerbread cookie was cute it's Kate and William :P

I'm Just being silly!
But no seriously. IM GOING TO THROW THIS 2 person party!!!

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