Saturday Night Post

Saturday, June 11, 2011

time?? ---> 9:31.

I just got home from badly washing windshields for donations. I left my house @ 4:15. my arms and back ache and since i have nothing better to dooooooooooooo i guess i'll blog! I feel kinda bad that my family is watching shrek 4 downstairs and i'm being a hobo upstairs but i'm not really in a good mood :/. 
SO at the 5 o clock mass we washed windshields and got about $300 dollars in donations. 2nd mass at 7:30 we also washed windshields but got less than $200 probably and it was a Spanish mass. .  Mexicans -___-

PAUSE: i'm going to go watch Shrek. 

well well well it turns out they are NOT watching the movie. BUT it did give me a chance to put a Gatorade in the freezer and put a 'JAMZ' in the fridge. & just in case you're not familiar with those they're those crust-less frozen 'sammiches' that have PB&J in 'em. SOOO while looking at Nicki Minaj Covers i saw this 'duet' (??) they're called Karmin. I think they're pretty good and they do their covers well here's a link- and i think the girl is so adogable! (BTW i didn't spell adorable wrong. its on purpose!) I really like the little style she has going on haha i saw a video of this hair-do! i'm so trying it out! ! its so so adogable!
now more pointless pictures!! ! ! 

It's just another MANIC MONDAY (ohh whoaa) Wish it were Sunday!

Because KARMIN is just that awesome ;)

Because saved by the baby is my favorite show!

PAUSE: i'm ACTUALLY going to go watch Shrek NOW

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