The real-life realizations of a teenage girl

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm. . . a nerd. :o

my boyfriend said he's known this since we met. I've known but now i'm facing the cold hard facts.

- i'm in love with Google chrome
- I have fun downloading fonts for Micro. Word
- i want reasons to make new blogs
- I read for fun
- not to mention my conscious is eating me alive to read Great Expectations
- I have fun reading articles online
- i like to read how to's and D.I.Y.
- i want to practice writing articles
- i like to pretend to make flyers  
- not to mention i have glasses, freckles, & braces
- i want to take over the world
- i'm bossy & organized
- i have a calendar 
these are right off the top of my head can't think of anything else but i know that i love doing all these things. & this which i call being a nerd and also what i call being me. :))

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