Fire & Ice- Confirmation Retreat

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I am exhausted. . .EXHAUSTEDD! i really should be resting right now. . . but i love blogging.

This weekend we had our second confirmation retreat led by us, mini CORE (peer ministers), and well although it wasn't as stressyy as last years, every retreat is a bit nerve-wracking. Our retreat leader was Madison, which did an amazing job like she's a natural! So we (mini's) went up to the retreat center on Friday to prepare for Sat/Sun. We practiced a skit & i got paint all over me  -_-
The teens got here Saturday morning. I won't go into detail of the retreat but main points were- letting God light the fire in your heart, How to keep it a flame, what keeps it burning, how to keep it burning, and how to get rid of the ice in our hearts. ALL of the mini's doing a talk were really good. So proud of them. There was a fire on ALL night also. Representing the fire in OUR hearts. I was a small group leader. I had- Angelica H. Alex S. & Arturo L.

they were amazing. I love you my chirren. & so one thing that made me nervous was that i felt that i was somewhat responsible in the faith that they will grow on, whether it's good or bad. So that was really scary, but I had some words of advice and felt much better. . . .

On Sunday we had adoration. Let me tell you ! -_- 
in the beginning it was okay. . & then it got worse. I felt so plain. & let me tell you I did feel the Holy Spirit, God, & Jesus all around me! but it wasn't what I wanted. I felt so angry and upset. Literally all i was doing was complaining. 
- it's too bright in here
- i don't know the music
- singer man, stop talking
- the doors are too open
- this should be Sat night
- I can't see the lyrics
- my legs hurt
etc. they were things just attacking me to get my concentration of Him. & please believe me when I tell you I was fighting it. At that point the only comfort I had were the sniffles of the retreatents and those of my friend Yuri because she just had an amazing and touching testimony. And the day before, the singer guy who was amazingg!! (just had those thoughts before be cause i was "annoyed"), asked us our favorite praise and worship song. I said Divine Praises. (<3) & during adoration i thought to myself it'd be cool if it came on. but then I said i can't except cool little Godincedences. But sure enough it was the last song. I balled. And I was reminded that God always loves me and he deserves nothing less than as close as we can get to unconditional love for Him. 
To cut it short seeing all the mini's lead this weekend and see our teens grow in their faith pushes me even further into Christ's Love.

PS. Special thanks to our cooking mama's & Deepa, my beloved YM.

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