Jesus High †

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello, my name is Melissa & i love our God. 

I want to say that i had an outta-the-blue Jesus high but I mean how could it possibly be random when i'm surrounded by all His glory. Let me tell you, when you are surrounded by people who have such strong faiths and a great love for Him, it's extremely hard not to fall in love too. But again, why wouldn't you anyhow? He is so greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt. So great i can't seem to get over it.  Just thinking of all his beauty makes me teary. Maybe it's because I visited him and someone explained to me a little about His love. & if visiting Him makes me this happy and full of joy, then please take me their everyday! AH, likeeee, just thinking about Him is somewhat unfathomable i just can't rap my head around how GREAT He is. & Great is SUCH an understatement. He is the King of kings. Like I can't even think about it! He deserves ALL of our love and everything we do should be for His honor and glory. I mean why wouldn't we?! He loves us unconditionally and all He wants is for us to be happy & He knows what will make us happy. All I should want is to serve and live for Him. 

I love love love love HIM. I'm sorry if this is getting annoying but I must do this!!

Right now i just want to pack my bags and follow Him. He already has my yes. Now, I need to remind my self of that promise everyday. I want to work hard to keep my flame burning bright for Him. I know he will provide me with the tools and courage to make His will happen. AND it will happen. I am hungry to learn more about Him. What always helps me to is praise and worship. I el oh vee ee, love praise and worship. It's extremely moving! it's like the oxygen that keeps my flame alive. "He is my Prince of Peace and I will live my life for Him"

How Great is Our God!!

In spanish my friend says "tenemos que caminar con los piez en la tierra y los ojos en el cielo" which is saying that we have to walk on the earth with our feet and our eyes in the sky. As in we are on earth but belong in heaven and so we need to keep our eyes on the prize. -Eternal happiness/joy with God (correct me if i'm wrong) 

I know He is with me always and that He will never stop loving me. "when the darkness closes in, Lord, still I will say Blessed be your name"

We are called to be saints, and we all are saints. I know i can do it. It'll just be very . . . hard. But if I let Jesus take the wheel then I know I can definitely do it. I know I trust Him with every single part of me. I'm just a tad stubborn. :| 

In conclusion, I love Him and i'm so ready to start my journey! To be faithful to Him always. & now I ask for your prayers for my journey to find my vocation and to keep me strong and courageous in His path. Thank YOU so much! 

PS. Thanks for Deepa & Andrew for adding wood to my fire. My forever faithful friends (alliteration) for being the oxygen. & my parents for always tending and taking care of the fire itself. 

Lots of LOVEE- Melissa Ortega. 

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