Saint of the Month

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saint Olivia: 
Why is she here? Well because. . . she's my confirmation saint! Although i found her b/c of a silly reason, I could never not love her. I love her!! 

She was 13 years old born around the 9Th century. She was beautiful and born to a Sicilian noble family. She was kidnapped by Muslims and taken to North Africa. Her kidnappers were so impressed with her beauty and virtue that they allowed her to live in a cave as a hermit (early version of a nun). She soon started to heal the sick and some Muslims started to convert to Christianity. Eventually she was captured and tortured. She was suppose to be burned but the flames didn't touch her. The finally decapitated her, which killed her. She is also the patron saint of music. 

It's so weird b/c whenever i invison her i imagine her older. Maybe it's b/c her faith seems strong to me that I imagine her older. I dunno. Anyways. Saint Olivia, Pray for us!
-Melissa Ortega

PS: Yes, now there's a St. of the month. lol

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