Nun Hankies

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?? 
I was at conformation class and i won a drawing and i had to choose from CD's, t-shirt, and hankies!! SO you can obviously tell what I got. 
I'm probably going to show these off when someone sneezes but never offer one cause i will NEVER open the bag!!! 

So, why am I blogging now? Updates I guess.
  • college has gotten me stumped! I don't want to say that's the proper word but yeah so much pressure!!
  • I just re-joined J.A. Fellows! I think i'll be running for VP of Human Resources if i man up to make a resume -__-
  • I'm freeloading off of my YM. 
  • Relationship complications. haha.
  • My laptop has a new name- Raul
  • I love my assistant. 
  • &&&&&&& like someone said I need to grow holier. (hope it's a word)
I really need some Chinese like now, I haven't had it in a while :( 
Sorry this wasn't good just felt like posting something.


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