But i'll shave it for later

Monday, November 21, 2011

I mustache me a question. 
I was looking through my other months posts' & I noticed I haven't really posted about my at home life lol. 
So i'm gonna go on about lots of random things going on so far!
it was so :') good. I watched it Friday. Saturday i spent all day till 3am Sunday reading the book. I had forgotten how entertaining the wolves were! Jacob's hilarious, he made me lol a good amount of times. I love it I must watch it again! & buy the 2 disc special as SOON as it comes out! I know it's cliche for a 17 yrs old girl like me to LOVE Twilight, BUT it's cliche for a reason! <3 Team Edward :)

& so on Sunday my sister had a soccer game tournament. She went to the finals!
The international festival w/ the girls went great! They looked beautiful! here's a stolen picture :)
Mmm, my dad just bought a Christmas tree!!

We had a Thanksgiving dinner for Horticulture class!
I found Andrew's secret office!

Reyna's expecting a baby girl Sophia & had a baby shower. The food was amazing!
So yeah! I love my family & friends!!! :D
I will update on a final picture of our Christmas tree. :)

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