Monday, November 07, 2011

I watched this video on the STLT Blog and it completely inspired me. I love this video, and it opened my eyes into realizing how much I really love our Catholic faith! 

 I also went on my last girls retreat!! At least as a high school-er.I made so many new friends and new close relationships. I must admit i love all my sisters in Christ!
It was completely amazing and about our mother Mary. But that's all I'll spill. 

& I'm still on my quest to figure out God's will for me. I also think I got a little wiser on this retreat, but we'll see how long that lasts. :o

UPDATE: so during adoration yesterday or two days ago the word namaste came to me, randomly. I remember it only from when i read it on my mom's shirt before but we didn't know what it meant. And today i was folding clothes and i came across that shirt and i remembered that i had to look it up. But i didn't. Now it's 11:36 PM and i was looking at a website that led me to watch a "weekenders" episode. And someone said namaste. So I looked it up and it's a greeting originating from India. I kept reading and it said it's acknowledging the soul in one by the soul of another. Which now reminds me of  purity of heart. But. . . I don't really know what it means or if i'm trying to make something crazy up. . . .

much love, Melissa. 

or should i say Marla Bailey. 

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