Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ahem, so I had a skit to do today. Before that I had a mini meltdown (not b/c of the skit).
It was something else, something that I shouldn't even shed one tear for, but I did, I was told I was hyperventilating. I have to learn to be strong & not let the little things bother me. I really have to learn to stand up for myself because I don’t do it often. Not much at all. . L. I sometimes let people get to me and push me around. I have to learn to be a big girl & make sure I know how to take care of myself. For now I’ll have to start asking God to give me courage, bravery & strength.
    Everything in life is going pretty great, I think I fall more in love with Him as the days go by. Only thing really stressing me is this whole college nonsense. Ha. Right now I’m beyond thankful for everyone. Is it weird that I feel like since everything is going great it’s not long before something extremely bad happens to me?? I mean this has never happened before but I feel that it will. Can life be this awesome? I know He doesn’t put anything on your cross that you can’t handle. But still. Hm. . .dunno. We’ll see.

n, Melissa Ortega

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