Wednesday, November 30, 2011

 Do i look like a Sonia? My friend said so. & guess what?? NO BRACES! yayah!

I think i'm re-obsessed w/ Twilight. I rereread almost the whole saga & I think I will be re-re-re-rereading Twilight. Literally. I mean I never feel like i'm reading the same ol' boring book. It's different each time. I mean Bella's copy of Wuthering heights is damaged so why can't i do that to MY Twilight book? haha. I really REALLY wanna see the movie again.(Breaking Dawn) D: so badly!! I loved loved loved it. . . I want to watch it.

Sorry posted a day late!!
Mini Meeting this Sunday were doing Secret Santa! Yippy!!
SAT this Saturday
JA Fellows meeting on Monday @ Stevi B's yay!

As i complain to my bbfff. Sometimes I feel out of place or like i'm behind a step. I HATE that feeling blagh. It's going back to normal but the transition is slower than usual. Hope things get a bit better.

Much love, Melissa

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