Saturday, June 09, 2012

This whole week I was a bit terrified because my orientation for school was soon. I felt really nervous since nobody I knew was going to go. I was dreading it Thursday night, and so Friday I woke up around 6:30 & got ready. I got to school at 7:12 <-- Yes I remember! I was upset bc I assumed nobody would be there, but there was. Oh, tell me why I wore the same shade of green as the orientation leaders!

But so we got ready and for like 2 and a half hours we got talked to, it wasn't that bad except for a couple sitting in front of me rubbing on each other. Blegh >.< haha then we were separated into sections somewhat like what college we're in. I met 2 girls and ate lunch with them. BTW I really like the school lunch haha. Wasn't to impressed with the brownies though lol.

After lunch there was a tailgate with clubs and Greek booths. The frat boys and the sorority girls are soo intimidating. Haha, I signed up for the Catholic center and a Latin Sorority :)).

Then after a long annoying survey we got to finally register for classes, we went and there were only 2 history majors. Myself, and my latest friend V. Let's call her McAdams. So we got along really well and our advisor was bomb! He was such a nerd but was so helpful!! He was the extreme best. And now I have 3 out 4 classes w/ McAdams. It's going to be fun. Got a couple of KSU things will go back for more!! I absolutely love KSU. Woo. It was fun and not bad at all! As I had anticipated. :)


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