Sunday, June 17, 2012

So my youth minister left religious life in 2008 and came to work at my parish as a youth minister. Luckily, she started working when I entered high school/Life Teen. We weren't really close my first 2 years, but when I became a peer minister we got much closer. About a year or so she realized she was being called back to the monastery. She spent this year raising money to return.

Last Thursday she re-entered. I don't think her absence has hit me yet since we let out of school and there's no Life Teen. But I miss her. . . & I know she will be praying for me as long as she lives. I love her a lot and she means SO MUCH TO ME!!

Our last day together- Thursday 6/7/12 (week b4 entrance)
Sr. Deepa!!- Thursday 6/14/12 (day of entrance)
beautiful picture that I stole off: Dominican Nuns of Summit


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