Monday, June 04, 2012

It's a little late, BUT my left eye has been twitching for a few days now. It's so annoying! It's either change of.sleeping pattern/no sleep or eye strain (Doctor Google). I blame 1D. My "obsession" has caused me to become a tumblr/twitter/instagram/mobileradio addict!! EYEEE STRAINNNNNNNN!
Funny story: my little brother's friend slept over Friday night and they came into my sister and I's room and asked us if we wanted to watch the grudge with them. Uhhhh no thank you! So they watched it anyways & in the morning my mom found my bro asleep in his chair! When we asked him later he said that when the movie was over he wanted to get up from the chair but when he would move up slightly it would make a creaky sound just like the grudge. He was too scared to move so he slept there!
Well g'night! Y's coming over 2morrow and were going to have a 1D day.

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