Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What do I want to be when I grow up??

It was 3 AM last night and I was awake. I couldn't sleep, so I started thinking about what I would possibly be later in life. Or something I would enjoy. I couldn't really think about anything but I came up with top 4 MAYBES in no particular order and added on so ----

1. A Homemaker (take care of my family, I like cleaning & cooking)
2. Famous (the down-to-earth, role model kind, don't know how I would even get there)
3. Cloistered Nun (Not feeling an active community, full habit, prob perpetual adoration)
4. Missionary (3rd world countries, little kids, difference)

Mmm, I think journalist or author would be fun but I don't think I have a good amount of patience or good writing abilities. Mmm, maybe some kind of planner?? But like what, I like being organized but I don't think I have an eye for what's in style. An ambassador?? But i'm not good at politics, easily convinced (except when it comes to my faith).  Maybe a youth minister?? I think I would like that but I couldn't deal with all the mess and chaos.

At orientation I met with the History adviser. So i'm somewhat on a History B.A. path. Although history probably has nothing to do with what I will do later. I have nooo idea. Like LITERALLY NO IDEA. 

What does that mean?? I feel like I should honestly have a slightttt idea of what I would like to do.

AND here's me wearing my newww shirt, in an awkward pose!!


PS> I made a new tumblr:

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