24 Hour Travel (ATL to MCT)

Sunday, August 09, 2015


Atlanta Time

Current Status: I was going to wait until I landed in Abu Dhabi to blog, but I can’t help myself. I’m currently writing from my AA flight from ATL to Chicago. The flight attendants tricked me though, they made it sound like the Wi-Fi was free and I was not only excited but was prompted to write this post. . . specifically on how they have free Wi-FI now, but guess not.

Calming Thoughts:
I was surprised at how easy last night was. Usually, when I am excited or anxious for something it is hard for me to sleep at night. Although I did go to sleep late, finalizing some things, as soon as I laid in bed I knocked out. Woke up this morning got ready, and apart from being on edge during check in, I was still calm even after saying good bye to my parents. I’ll take this as a good sign.

Dreaded Thoughts:
Since the beginning people have asked me how long the flight is and I have been saying the longer flight is 14 hrs and they’re like “whaaa, long time!!” I was like “yeah long time, but YOLO.” And now. . . . as I sit here. . . . I am chanting over and over in my head. .. . 14hrs. . . FOURTEEN HOURS. FOURTEEEEN HOURS!!! That is almost two work shifts. . . . sitting next to some strangers. (But hey, at least I’m not working ;) ) Also I don’t have an aisle seat as I first thought but a middle seat. And I get anxious having to tap people and ask them if I can scoot over them. I have my fingers crossed to sit next to someone decent (AKA not creepy).



Chicago Time

Current Status: The plan was to run off the plane and go to the restroom, then find my gate and chill there till departure around 1pm. Well I’m looking at the master list of departures and Abu Dhabi is the first one, but there is no gate yet. UGH. I am guessing it is still a bit early, but I’m not too worried as it says “on time”. I’ll probably take this opportunity to grab something to eat. I’m hungry, but not in the mood to eat.

Thoughts: The down side of not traveling with someone else is not being able to use their body as a shield to take shameful pictures of your knock off Panda Express AKA Manchu Wok. (maybe it’s Chicago’s fast gourmet Chinese food and someone from Chicago thinks Panda is a Manchu Wok knock off. But probably not. Panda2k15.) I want to take pictures and stuff, to make my posts more vibrant, but like I said. Shame.


Chicago Time

Current Status:
Sitting at my gate for the flight to Abu Dhabi. I was honestly freaking out because I had to take a shuttle to the international terminal. I still didn’t know my gate, but I knew it was Terminal 5. At the doors to leave the terminal I arrived in there was a huge sign saying “NOW LEAVING SECURE AREA, NO RE ENTRANCE” (or something like that) and I’m like well . . .. . if I mess up, I’m done. So I’m crossing the bridge and I’m like CRAP my luggage. I knew there was a 95% chance that I get it at my final destination, but it definitely would not have hurt to ask. I get to the Etihad check-in and they say everything is fine. So here I am! Chilling at my gate. T-Minus 2 hours (I really thought it was like 5 hrs, but this is good news).
Thoughts: I don’t think I’ve ever flown domestically, and I had maybe a stop in Miami a couple times when traveling to Mexico. But one thing I’ve learned (in the last 4 hrs), whether it’s Atlanta or Chicago, traveling domestic is so crowded and messy. Flying international is spacious and relaxing.

I saw a girl and her mom and it reminded me of something. When I was younger I always dreamt of being one of the girls that was alone at the gate with all her stuff. I don’t know what about it drew me but it looked so beautiful and inviting to me. And now that I’m that girl I just feel so. . . . elated. It's surreal. I am honestly tearing up. I am so happy.

pray for me,

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