Grocery Shopping in Oman

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Weather: Widespread Dust
A few days ago we went grocery shopping. So they said we are going to Carrefour, and I blew it up in my head and I said oh, we're going to "Karifoor" or something that I thought was a little "Arabic." But no it's just Carrefour, aka French. So we're there and number one: the shopping carts are small (unless it's just Carrefour). I think it's how it should be, not like in the states where we have these massive SUV shopping carts that invite a lot of unnecessary purchases. 

So as we're shopping I see Mazola cooking oil. & I am so excited to see this Mexican oil I love so much and grew up. & So I told host dad (so weird saying that?? but HD from now on) that this was Mexican Oil and we use it ALL the time. And he says huh, I thought it was Arab and that he also grew up with it. We check and it's actually American, go figure. But to me it is still MaSola and for him it is still MaZZola. Ha.

Probably a year ago I watched this Vlog and at minute 11:58, the guy raves on about Chips Oman. & ever since then I have been DYING to have some. It was like my everlasting wish. If I was on my deathbed (dying of natural causes of course because I'm healthy) I would need these chips express shipped to me before I die. So I see the bag and I am literally overwhelmed, ha. And so I tell host mom (HM from now on) what I just said and she grabs a bag and says try them. I am not sure, not because I'm about to break down about dreams coming true, but because we are still shopping and I feel uncomfortable opening something unpaid for. So she opens them for me and they don't disappoint. There are pictures of me crying while taking my first bag of Chips Oman. HD says he will show me how to make a Chips Oman sandwich, like he ate when he was growing up. I am also glad Chips Oman did not name them Crisps Oman. I think about that a lot. 

And of course at the grocery store, I got my pick of what I wanted so I got a box of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast and mascara. Unfortunately, I left my Mexican mascara at home (AKA the only thing that works in my stubborn lashes) so this will do for now. Unless mom if you're reading this, UPS or FedEx. Or maybe this is a sign I need to open up a shop here.

Open Chips Oman
these guys didn't sign a photo release form
Today, Friday was a very relaxed day. As some of you may or may not know the weekend here begins on Friday. So all of Muscat was out and about having breakfast in the city and going to the beach. And we we're no exception :). We got up and headed for breakfast at D'arcy's Kitchen, which is an English place. Than headed to the airport to pick up my luggage that finally arrived!! Went around for a drive in the city and drove on the beach shore. Which was awesome because I'm not gonna lie I was half terrified that the wheels we're going to get stuck in the sand or we would flip over, but we made it safe and sound. Headed home to relax for a bit, before heading out again to actually get into the beach water. After coming home and freshening up, I went back out for a drive with N and his grandpa (which we do quite often because N loves it). In uninteresting news I had my first Halal Big Mac. 10/10 would recommend. I also had a Coke which was refreshing, and now thinking of it I think it was my first soda since being here. I was saying earlier how (shamefully) I can go a couple days without drinking water in GA, but here I am thirsty 24/7. Gotta stay hydrated!

so far so good ;),

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