Week One

Monday, August 17, 2015

It has already a week since I left home, but it feels as if I have been here a month. Honestly, sometimes I am walking up the staircase or getting into the car and I think "what the heck" to myself. Like I am honestly here thousands of miles away from my family and friends in a foreign country and culture. I can't believe I did this and that the time came so soon after what felt like waiting a long time. I am a bit crazy, but I came out lucky to be with the family I am with.


Other than my lost luggage, the week ran very smoothly. As normal, N is still adjusting to me being around and taking care of him. He is doing quite well and I am very happy with how our relationship has developed so far. He is one of a kind and I am always thrilled to spend time with him. Even when we have climbed up and down the escalators 15 times (literally). He is also very smart and so I am excited to be part of this critical developmental stage, where hopefully we will start hearing clearer words and full sentences. Maybe after he has a bette grasp on his verbal communication in English and Arabic, I can introduce Spanish. I am very excited for that and we will see how and will it will happen. Sometimes I catch myself speaking to him in Spanish because I am used to communicating with young children in Spanish as opposed to English. We are also learning how to use the toilet and are in the process of potty training. I am very much rooting for him to grow exponentially in these coming weeks and months. Really excited & I am sure his family is even more so.


The family I am with is always busy (in the best way) so I am never bored. We are always at malls and shops or doing something. They are very active and so I am very active and I really enjoy it. I usually go to sleep late because I don't really get sleepy till then. What is funny is that so far I have woken up every morning before my alarm (that sounds around 9am) around 7am. It's funny because at home I will sleep straight thru my alarm and wake until about 11 or 12pm. I am enjoying it though, it gives me some time in the morning to relax and have breakfast. Hopefully I maintain my internal clock and have no problem when school comes around in a couple weeks, when I have to wake at 6:30AM. Another plus is that my family is in the food industry AKA they are foodies. AKA I am always well fed (although they don't think so :P). AKA there is always something to eat. And food is respected, as it should be ;). I couldn't be more at home in this aspect. Haha. What I have noticed when I go overseas is that I eat smaller portions. Not because of what is available, but because my appetite decreases. Food is equally or more appetizing, but in these cases I actually control myself. :O


I am very calm and comfortable, but when I think about being these "calm and comfortable, anxiety kicks in. I start thinking about the next day and what will happen and what we will do and I get nervous. I am hoping to live mostly in the moment and do things as they come, as opposed to plain out dread the unknown. Sometimes I get upset that I don't know how to do something or that things feel a little off, but I have to remind myself I have only been here a short time and that it is okay. Other than that, I feel very welcome and invited as I've said before.

There are these juice boxes that they sell here and they are one of the most satisfying I have tried. I drink one like each morning and night (I should not do this).

I begin school on today and I am not excited. I hope I find my rhythm soon, but I have a feeling my stay here will be somewhat unpredictable. Only time will tell.


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