Acclamaiting (Muscat, Oman)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

(I am singing "Wheels on the Bus" as I write this)

It is day two, and my first full day! But before I get into today. I’m going to recap yesterday in two words: panic. I got off my flight in Muscat and was one of the firsts! I thought “yes!! in and out”. Immigration was quick and because the airport is small, baggage claim is right outside. Again, I was one of the first so I lined up around the carousel hoping my ONE suitcase wouldn’t be too long as I was eager to go meet my host family. Well, I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . Until there were maybe one or two families left. Even the two flights that came after us, their luggage was done being picked up. I had to go to desk and report it. Day two is over and still no luggage L the word panic is for two reasons: my panic & host mom’s panic.

1.     My panic: the ironic thing is my last few nights in Atlanta I was reading blog lists on what to pack inside your carry-on. All of them mentioned bringing and extra two or three sets of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage was lost. Well, me being me, I thought “that would never happen to me.” Um, yeah no. So the whole probable half hour I was waiting I kept thinking “not me, not me.” Well yes me! So at the moment we are still waiting for it and hoping tomorrow is my lucky day.
2.     Host mom’s panic: Of course I was gone for maybe an hour after my plane landed and she thought something might have happened to me.  First, they hired someone to look for me and couldn’t find me, so I was lost from the beginning. And because of the wait she thought I was kidnapped or had run away. Haha. The bad part is that my phone has worked off T-Mobile in Europe  in the past & Abu Dhabi as soon as I landed there. But when headed to Oman (still on the flight might I add), they sent me a text saying it was out of their cover zone. So I couldn’t message them to say I was there but waiting for my luggage. But at last, I walked out the exit and saw her within 5 seconds.

As for today, it was both a long and short day. A bit hard to explain because I can’t believe it is 1:30am and I am still awake (voluntarily of course, I'm itching to blog). I woke up around 10am, relaxed for a bit with grandma until the little tyke (N) woke up. We went downstairs and had some breakfast. After, we relaxed, got ready, and went over to grandparents’ house for lunch.  The ride was awesome because I got to see it briefly Monday coming home from the airport, but I was still talking to and getting to know the family so I didn’t get the full experience. Took some (terrible) photos and we came home where we played inside, outside, had some snacks, napped, and really just ran around the house.

Let's talk about the heat, so high it is about 100 F and low is about 90 F (I may be exaggerating for a wow factor). SO FAR, it hasn't affected me the way I thought it would be, but then again I've spent most of the time indoors or in the car with AC. The way I feel it is, in Atlanta I think the sun feels like its beating down on your skin. Here, I feel just the air in general is super hot so when you go out it like envelopes you in a heat blanket and you feel it penetrating your skin, like deep into your core. I enjoy it, but because it's my first couple days here. . . let's see if I say that again next week or when I'm actually running around outside. 

I really really love the architecture and the colors, it just blends. And when you're driving you can see the bright blue sea with seagulls flying overhead on one side and the breathtaking mountains on the other. It's so beautiful. Also, we need more roundabouts in the states. I don't know why but we do.

Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet, but I almost feel like I have been here a long time. Even though there is still some getting used to with the routine and the like, I feel comfortable and welcome.

I feel there is so much to say, but not much at all at the same time. 

Tomorrow I know that we are going grocery shopping so I am excited for my first super day-to-day local experience. Another thing is later this month N starts school again and I am excited to get on a schedule! As you all know I do. Tomorrow I will try to get some better pictures, that really showcase some city life. But they'll probably be terrible.

sacrificing my sleep,

BTW one funny thing. There is desert scent hand soap in the bathroom, and I'm sure that's super normal and they sell it everywhere, like Bath & Body Works. But it was amusing when I saw it without thinking a little further. In retrospect it's not that funny, but you had to be there. 

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