WJSN Comes Back: Dream Your Dream

Saturday, March 03, 2018

It is currently Friday in the madrugada and Cosmic Girls (WJSN)🌙 came back on Tuesday. I don't know why I've waited this long to post. Well yes I do, I'm soaking it all in. I can't even find the proper words to express the overwhelming satisfaction on my shitty blog lol. 
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I think this may be their best come back yet? At least by the title track and performance. The album itself (in terms of tracks) is very cohesive. It's adequately titled "Dream Your Dream." All the songs are so magical and they make you feel light and hopeful. I haven't purchased it (well I did on itunes, but not physically) but there are three versions and they are SO BEAUTIFUL.
From the album preview- I thought renaissance would be my favorite, but I think it might be LOVE O'CLOCK. It actually reminds me of George Michael's Faith. It has that strong guitar and a hand drum sound. I'm really not good at music, but you'll see what I mean. Renaissance is Miracle and Secret's successor (past tracks). It is really really close, you can hear some of the (exact?) same synths. I like these songs because they're pretty fast paced (at least I can see a fast paced strong and feminine choreo too it). Starry Moment has a very old school hip hop beginning and the - what is it? 808 beat? stays throughout. The little synth in the back makes it sound like a GFriend song- but I think WJSN does a good job of making you forget that and make it their own (this is their sub track and there's a performance video below). Thawing sounds super Christmas-y, it has all the bells and whistles. I love all the extra sounds they add (sneezing, car alarm) I think this song best reminds me of their past works. I guess this song would be considered the ballad of this album?
The music video for their title track- "Dreams Come True"---
So it's definitely mixed reviews. One producer reaction said it best (in short)- "cinematography, symmetry . . director did a really good job- but the color grading was terrible."
I think everyone sees what they were going for but they took the saturation notch (or whatever it was) too far. It really is a shame, because if it was done well it would've been freaking amazing. That, and many people said they would watch it over and over but they just can't because it's not easy on the eyes (less views- less points for music shows and no views just sucks in general).
At first I thought the colors were only bad during the bright choreo part, but I felt them in the darker scenes when I realized any screencaps taken looked low quality :(.

But overall- you see the story line, the scenery, the interactions, the effects, and it all looks so ~dreamy~ like you're in a Japanese anime (and sounds like it too!). Lots of people said it reminded them of Kimi no na wa (Your Name), a really popular anime movie that came out a couple years ago and it's a yes. Someone uploaded the m/v with kimi no na wa music (I promise I didn't cry. . . ?).

The train scenes- yess!! My girls dancing beneath a stormy pink sky- yess!! Orbs in magical space inside a futuristic room- yess!! holding-hands-ready-to-ascend-back-to-space bullshit- yess!!

Anyways if you weren't wow'd by the song and don't feel like you could wear a kickass outfit and save the world- check out their first performance. The choreography was so clean and brilliant. The girls were so in sync and executed it so well. There are a couple more performances since then and their outfits have been absolutely on point- their make up, visuals, stage/set design have gone beyond my expectations.
The performance below trended at number 1 on the NaverTV Top 100 for several hours and the highest comment has 1000+ upvotes. A lot of people are impressed by this comeback and it's not hard to see why. Also this is their first come back with their lightsticks (wujujubongs) available and it's so ~aaa uwu~ to see the crowd chanting in a sea of pink. 

How did you feel? You like Cosmic Girls don't you squidward? 👀🌙👀🌙👀😉

this is fancam so its shot from the front and you can really see the synchronization here

Starry Moment is the sub track they have also performed so I'll leave that below. 

They will be on music shows almost everyday this week and continue the pattern the next month or so- so I'll leave a playlist that will be updated daily (outfits and stages- GORGEOUS). 

One of the members, Cheng Xiao (in thumbnail above), was missing for second day promotions because she went back to China (one day!) for filming (idol producer)- and I just. . can't even imagine how exhausted she and other members who are doing other promotions are. Practicing for so long and performing multiple times a day for months on end is already ridiculously exhausting. It stresses me out, but it is what it is.

Like I said a billion times, I am so so happy with this comeback. I hope they are succesful and you never know it could be their first win? As of now it's not charting too well, but I am not really surprised. There are also so many good competitors that have released songs since the beginning of the year- girl groups alone: Momoland, Oh My Girl, fromis_9, Red Velvet, CLC, Weki Meki, Gugudan. Four out of these are currently promoting and they're actually the groups that house past I.O.I girls (minus Pristin & others). Sad Chung Ha just stopped promoting a few weeks ago, it could be a little I.O.I reunion lol.
(PS. Check out my thoughts on some of these groups come backs here).

wjsn english interview

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