Monsta X: Upcoming Release (The Connect)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Monbebes, it's that time of the year again and MX teaser photos are coming at me right and left.
They had three comebacks last year, their latest being Dramarama in November. It's been about three months since promotions stopped (which feels even shorter because of end of the year activities) and they're back at it again damn it.

I'll be honest and say that I was having an internal struggle with this comeback and I just wasn't feeling excited for it. I just want them to rest and take a vacation or something. I was also pouring lots of time into WJSN's comeback so the news in the middle of it all felt overwhelming. Good news is I am feeling more excited for the comeback as time goes on.  If you read my last post you know I have tickets for Monsta X's second world tour so lots of things too look forward to over the coming months.

As I did with WJSN's Dream Come True I will be posting all the teaser material leading up to Monsta X's The Connect (album title).  But first! The album details have been released:

There will be a total of four versions with a photo card and a group card each. If you preorder there are like four benefits including posters and photo cards. A lot of people are unimpressed since, like the teasers, there isn't anything very special about these albums. It is a continuation of The Code but the albums are just too similar to that album (and each other). It's making people question whether or not they should buy all four copies. I know I will buy all four but it is kind of ~meh~ that all look the same. Seventeen and Got7's latest release have also had three and four versions respectively, but the albums are unique within each other and -make- you want to get them all. I hope the photo books will be very different. Although it seems that the comeback seems rushed and the build is up is a bit of a let down to a vast amount of people, I am sure the music, music video, and performance will make up for it 🙏🏾. 

Deja Vu #1

Deja Vu #2

Deja Vu #3

Deja Vu #4

The Connect Photo #1


Concept Photo #2


Concept Photo 3


Concept Photo #4

A lot of the criticisms are that some wish the photos were more artsy, aesthetic, or exciting. These fit the concept, but are all head shots with very little but their faces. They are handsome though 😻. Ah, I am getting more and more nervous as I write. Will keep updating this page.

BITCH. Today was the music film release and I have -no- words. 

WJSN also had a "secret film" they released before the album and it was a beautifully done three minutes. I had normal expectations for MX's film video but wowowow. It was four and a half minutes. Longer than a regular m/v and with an accompanying Monsta X soundtrack. I.M and Jooheon rapping as it builds up to Kihyun's notes. The instrumental itself is very rock influenced, just like it was for Dramarama. A lot of people in the comments felt it had Lincoln Park vibes (that's a compliment). It felt so epic and theatrical. This album, The Connect, is the second part in a three part album series. It was a very clear continuation of the time traveling plot from DRAMARAMA. The producers did not miss the chance to make it an extremely well thought out part of The Code series (so much room for theories). 
mbbs after watching the film (literally lmao)

People are suspecting that because we have the story of The Connect in this film video, the actual music video will be able to focus more on the choreography and simple story telling. Monsta X's music videos have always been very much about telling a (complicated) story, but for non-fans who honestly couldn't give a damn about the connecting theories of the past three comebacks a choreography video will be better to catch attention. Monsta X's music is honestly such high quality that maybe this is the equation we need for more fans and better results.

My only personal worry is that I liked this way way too much, and I am now nervous for the actual title track and music video and how it'll measure up to this moving piece. 

Although they're coming back with so many great and established artists, we've decided we won't focus on that and just support as hard as we can. 
It's one of those situations where other ~powerful ~groups are releasing simple music videos and MX are really going ALL OUT but I'm not sure if they'll be able to get rewarded for their hard work. This has probably, 100% happened before but it's my first time really having these thoughts. It's honestly kind of upsetting? But like I said, monbebes will just as hard as we can. 

I'm like in awe and tears when I watch this video but break out of it when I see Jooheon dab into the wormhole lmao. Seriously though such a good job!!
Here is a Twitter Thread of my favorite theory so far:

I feel like there is SO much more to say about it, but I'll just leave it for now. I cannot wait for next week!!

The Connect album track list was released today!
seven songs!! sometimes mini albums will literally be like three or four songs but Starship always delivers in this regard. I wonder if Destroyer (heard in the music film) will be their official B track or the 3rd song which I believe is called "Because I'm Crazy." Everyones bets are on the 3rd track since Destroyer was already released. Jooheon and I.M also participated in writing the lyrics for all songs.

AND the official teaser for their title track "JEALOUSY" is here. I felt like this was the true definition of teaser.

I seriously have no concrete feel for the song and it's both exciting and nerve wracking. I'll be honest and say that I'm not the biggest fan of whispering in songs and very plain sets for the dancing portion. A few weeks ago a child actress posted on her instagram that she was filming with Monsta X. It must've been this music video, so that's a hint that there will be an accompanying story line. My favorite MX title track and music video to date is Beautiful (so that's my style if you're curious). I'm not 100% I like the outfits for this era YET AH IM SO NERVOUS HONESLTY OKAY I DONT KNOW. WILL SEE ON MONDYA. Sunday there will be a live for their album preview and I'm curious as to what will go on as it's usually just a quick YT video.

GIRL- track list:


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