MX World Tour Ticket 🎫 Experience

Thursday, March 08, 2018

This has been a nerve wracking week for sure! Monsta X announced their world tour on February 22nd and ticket sale dates on February 27th, giving people little to no time to be fully prepared. Well, the tickets went on sale today at 4PM local time.

Last Year I was at work while they went on sale, so I hotspotted internet from my phone to the laptop. I had good tickets but the site gliched, I lost them and cried for like fifteen minutes because it showed sold out. I kept trying and ended up buying the next thing I saw, P5 (back of venue). I was content but kept looking until I found P3 seats (not together). I ended up selling P5 (at sale price) and on the day of the concert my sister and I got to sit together! Our view wasn't bad, but we were at the very back of the first floor.

This year, after a lot of internal debate, I decided that I would go to the venue in person for a greater chance of snagging the best (P1) tickets (you live and learn). Lucky for me, the venue is literally five minutes away from where I live. I would bring my laptop and phone hotspot and work on getting tickets online as well. I knew people would be at the venue quite early so I left my house around 9am to see what was up and not surprisingly there was already about 25+ people in a chair and blanket filled line. I screamed my way back home and waited impatiently while my sister got ready for work. After dropping her off, I went straight back and I think only one or two more people had joined the line. I opened my chair and pulled out the blanket and began to chat with the girls next to me. Yay! One girl was a year older than me so we bonded over that fact. The girls further up were playing music so despite the uncomfortable fluctuating weather it was a great atmosphere.

NOT EVEN 15 MINUTES LATER- about six grown ass men walk up and open their chairs and get in line. . . . I am about 99% sure they weren't monbebes . . . . Do you have no shame? I can't believe I was seeing scalpers in real life. It was very annoying to say the least. If there's six of them and they get like 8 tickets each THATS 48 TICKETS THAT AREN'T GOING TO REAL FANS- OR EVENTUALLY WILL BUT FOR AN UNJUST AND RIDICULOUS PRICE (just saw people are selling them for thousands right now). Not too long after, a van pulled up to drop off two girls. One of the girls I was with was a quick thinker and said that we should pretend to be friends with them so they can sit with us and in front of the scalpers. It worked and they were thankful. Later we saw more fans, but we obviously couldn't pretend to know everyone ☹️. About an hour or two later venue staff came and gave everyone place holders so that we could be free to go to the bathroom, eat, and get out of the chilly weather.

I'll skip the boring fan-girling details and go straight to 3PM when everyone began lining up by their assigned spot. My heart rate was seriously through the roof!! By this time, I had left all my things in the car but my hotspot phone, laptop, and debit card. As the time came close and finally the tickets opened, everyone was on their phones and laptops trying to get the best tickets on the sites while we waited for our turn.
My new friend advised me to only purchase online if I was able to snag P1, and if I couldn't find it there, P2 would surely be available at the venue (I was still on edge since the staff said they were still competing against ticketmaster and no tickets could be guaranteed, still not sure how true this is). Well fifteen minutes had passed and literally nothing was coming up on any of the two websites. During this time though, one of the girls from the van was able to snag like four or five P1s off of the website. The rest of us had no luck. The line was moving and I was slowly getting more and more anxious. The fans ahead were shouting in joy because they got good seats and I was happy for them but also like shut up!!! LOL.

(at this time I began to feel guilty for thinking the people behind me were scalpers since there were two kids with them and I think I overheard their mom? say that they wanted to see MX. BUT then I used my brain and came to the conclusion that you don't need your entire extended family to get in line at 10AM for you to get a couple tickets. And while the line was moving slow they were complaining that they should just get their tickets and go, leave, hurry up, and that xyz will be mad if we don't buy the tickets- anyways most likely scalpers?)

The line began to move quicker and I was next. I seriously had some DUMB luck today (what country did I save in my past life?). Honestly, my luck doesn't come without a bit of guilt- but this is what happened. I was next and the girl who was in front of me (who I became friends with) was told she got two P1 tickets. She swiped her card and it . . . declined 😩. In that moment I felt so so much empathy- like I couldn't imagine the shock. She couldn't hold the line up so the staff told her to figure it out. She asked around and on my life I would pay for her tickets but I didn't have enough money to cover it. So she moved aside while she figured her situation. I was up next and went to the booth she was just at and began my transaction, just a few seconds later the second cashier became free and she took that spot. Another girl who had purchased her tickets a few people before heard her and said she would pay for her tickets. She begins her transaction too but the cashier lets her know there is only P2 now. But I was able to get two P1 tickets just before her, in other words I got the two tickets she had almost purchased earlier.

Although I couldn't control whether or not her card declined I couldn't help but feel guilty about the situation. The P2 tickets should have begun with me. Now I don't know if people further down the line were able to come up with P1 but I definitely would've had to have gotten P2. . So- that's what happened and how I was able to get P1.

I still feel a bit guilty about being happy, but I am so 🌝  to be seeing the boys for a second time and this time with a good view AND HI TOUCH!!

 I need to stay alive and lose some weight before July (lmao not)!! Monsta X I LOVE YOU.

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