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Monday, December 05, 2011

So, as you may or may not know. I applied to Oglethorpe University, a couple weeks ago. I was suppose to get my response today. . . & well. . .  I got in!! AHH YES!

Honestly, i'm not really sure I wanna go there. It's a little expensive. But to just know I got in makes me extremely happy!! I am really excited now. God is good. & I feel it's not that special, everyone gets accepted somewhere & maybe OU isn't that special. BUT, just thinking of how many kids ALL over the world don't have the opportunity to get an education fills my heart w/ appreciation & thankfulness. So yes i'm so happy!!
I know my parents are happy. (this is my first acceptance, & my first full application). & I know this is a smidge weird, but i know that if i won't go to college for myself i'm going to go to college for those kids & my parents. Because I know the sacrifices they have given and will give for my education. My mom says that's my inheritance. ;) haha.

& let me say i'm very relieved, sorry can't get over how happy I am. I feel like now i'm ready to do something special haha.

I am completely in love w/ the Breaking Dawn Sountrack!! AGH. Flightless Bird- Iron & Wine. <3!!

Much love, Melissa Ortega  

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