Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I joined a gym last week, Wednesday. & since i'm on break I've been going every day. (except for Christmas Day) & with your membership you get 2 free personal training sessions.

I had my first session today at 10 AM. AHH! :O my legs felt like Jello!! I feel fine now but tomorrow will probably be worse. & don't let me forget that I have another appointment tomorrow at 9 AM. I'm  a little scared for my life since i'm sure the soreness will kick in later. Hopefully not bad enough to ruin me tomorrow.

So the trainer lady told my dad if he wanted to sign me up for personal training once a week, for six months. She wants to teach me all the good stuff about nutrition and exercise.  Stuff she didn't know when she was my age (that's what she said) But anyways, I kind of hope it will happen but I am nervous if it will. I would have to completely change my lifestyle. & it's also a commitment, so i'll have to start getting my calendar up to date. I also want to get conditioned for soccer next season so this is one of the reasons why I joined. Right now i weigh 160, she wants to get me to 120 but that'll include muscle & stuff. . .I think :P. I was like :O :O :O "OMG that's like half of me" lol. But we'll see what happens. & I also want to get a job! I'm just wondering if with all the stuff I have going on if I will be able to handle it all. My dad says it's up to me, but we have another factor to consider- my mom. The difference b/w my mom & dad is this: my dad looks at the outcome, and my mom at the price. (this was the case w/ my braces, my dad saw a pretty smile, my mom saw $4,000)

I wonder what will happen!!

Much love, Melissa Ortega!
update!: no persona trainer. my dad's wife said no. lol :D love you mom. 

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