World's Greatest Procrastinator

Sunday, December 11, 2011

   It's been a little more than a year since I fell in love with NMinaj. Not so much anymore, she doesn't interest me & the way she dresses and talks just isn't my taste anymore. I deleted my bookmark for her tumblr and things like that. It's a little sad but i'll get over it >.<

Guess what??  I went to a Latin mass! it was purrity awesome! We all dressed up & everyone looked so spiffy!! :D Then we went to Zaxby's for lunch, pretty fun too! One accomplishment?? Got my YM addicted to bakery story! Yayah! 

Wow, I really have nothing important to say. . lol. But i'm still in love with the Breaking Dawn ST! it's amazing haha. Oh & college stuff is stressing me out D: I NEEEEED to do those scholarship things. I'm horrible! D:

Off to write some essays!

-Melissa <3

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