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Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm a little addicted to a little game we all love to call Bakery Story! take a look at my snazzy shop:


NOW! :D I'm still 1 level under my YM :(

Haha, cute huh?

I'm a little stressed, not really but anxious & nervous. Finals/Midterms are too soon. This week will go by very fast!

I asked myself last night, what makes us have a longing to make our relationship grow with Christ? & why don't others who are very aware of Him not long? I'm NO WHERE near perfect nor am I completely satisfied with my prayer life, but I always have a longing no matter what. & I read a little blog post on prayer. Which i'd like to say is my biggest weakness. & when I do have a conversation, or try, I feel like it's empty. Not that He's not there or listening, but like there's no passion or true sense of who He is behind it. It makes me feel like poo .Am I allowed to say that, poo? well yeah poo. & like Father was saying at Latin mass, there's a difference b/w happiness and joy. I couldn't figure out why I felt in the dark or why I felt incomplete and empty, when my life was perfectly fine and happy. Nothing was different. But now I know that being deprived of God's grace and suppressing the longing definitely takes a toll on my life. Why let myself be down, when I know the problem. I know God wants to hear from me too, & I can't wrap my head around the fact that i'm not letting Him in.

Melissa Ortega


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